U.S. Communities

At U.S. Communities, we are focused on delivering cooperative solutions that drive value, savings and efficiency.

But what we do, the way we do it, has always been behind a loftier goal — to drive procurement excellence by being a model for best practices and helping to advance the profession we serve.

Now we want to go a step further. 

Let’s work together to discuss and learn how cooperative purchasing can help procurement professionals. 

Join us in #LeadRed.

What is LeadRed?
Some may call it an initiative or a goal. We’d like to call it a movement. A movement to join forces to collectively drive procurement excellence.

LeadRed is a group of fearless leaders, drivers of change, experts in the industry and advocates for cooperative purchasing.

Join us if you are:

  • Serving in a leadership role within NIGP, NGA, NACo, NLC, ASBO, USCM or NAEP
  • Shouting out on social media and filling the world with insightful information
  • Sharing your expertise in articles or blog posts
  • Teaching others by serving on a panel, participating in a webinar or sharing your story in a case study

How do you join LeadRed?
The first step is to fill out our LeadRed questionnaire. Let us know how you've been active in supporting the procurement profession and if you're willing to be a voice for procurement in the future.

Even if you haven’t served in a leadership role or are an expert in the industry, go ahead and let us know if you are interested. We’ll reach out to you when we need a resource and help you earn the bragging rights and a new pair of red shoes. 

What happens when you join LeadRed?
The coolest perk is that you’ll be eligible to receive a pair of red sneakers. As a LeadRed champion, we’ll expect you’ll wear these at industry conferences to further the cause and drive awareness for procurement excellence. You’ll get the sneakers because you are talking the talk. Now, you get to sport a cool red walk.

You’ll also get an invite to our reception at NIGP Forum. We’ve been known to throw a pretty good event. Of course, we expect to see a room full of red shoes!

You’ll get props for your support of the industry, bragging rights on your LinkedIn profile and many other cool perks that come with being a leader in your field.