U.S. Communities


Go Green Program

Making Environmental Purchasing Easier!

The U.S. Communities Go Green Program is the one-stop source for easier access to buy and live green. Through our competitively-solicited contracts, our suppliers offer a broad line of green solutions. You will find a wealth of information and resources that will help lower your community’s carbon footprint and assist you in making educated decisions about the products you purchase. 

Whether you are a government agency, school or nonprofit organizations, you will have access to thousands of environmentally-certified products through our green solutions

We understand the challenge of doing more with less, and that includes less time to shop for the best prices on green products. By using U.S. Communities suppliers, there is no need to comparison shop. You can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the lowest overall government pricing. You'll be able to leverage our cooperative purchasing standards and supplier commitments to deliver value and savings and the peace of mind knowing that you are buying environmentally-friendly products.


How to Get Started

  1. View our Green Solutions Page

  2. Register with U.S. Communities

  3. Request Contact from the suppliers you would like to purchase from. They will contact you to set up an account or connect your existing account to your U.S. Communities registration.

  4. Shop Online or Contact a Supplier to begin purchasing.