U.S. Communities

U.S. Communities

The Leading National Government Purchasing Cooperative

Government Cooperative Purchasing

U.S. Communities is the leading national government cooperative purchasing program, providing procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies including:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Towns
  • States
  • Special Districts
  • Boroughs
  • Villages
  • Schools, Universities and Colleges

With U.S. Communities, agencies can utilize competitively solicited contracts to help save time and resources while still meeting state, local and federal purchasing requirements. All cooperative purchasing contracts from U.S. Communities have been competitively solicited by a lead public agency and meet our rigorous cooperative standards and supplier commitments. Each supplier commits to delivering their best overall government pricing so you can buy with confidence.

The program delivers savings in time and dollars:

  • No Cost to Participate: there is no cost or fee to register, no commitments and no minimum orders.
  • Best Overall Supplier Government Pricing: by combining the cooperative purchasing power of 90,000 public agencies, suppliers commit to provide their best overall government pricing.
  • Quality brands: thousands of the best brands in a wide variety of categories, services and solutions.
  • Integrity and Experience: U.S. Communities government purchasing cooperative is founded by 5 national sponsors and more than 70 state, city and regional organizations.
  • Oversight by Public Purchasing Professionals: third party audits ensure program pricing commitments are met and our Advisory Board provides ongoing program leadership and direction.

View our full list of suppliers to start saving and then register to participate — it's quick, easy and completely free.


How to Get Started

  1. Register with U.S. Communities

  2. Request Contact from the suppliers you would like to purchase from.

    They will contact you to set up an account or connect your existing account to your U.S. Communities registration.

  3. Shop Online or Contact a Supplier to begin purchasing.

Save On

  • Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies
  • Office and Education Furniture
  • Copiers, Printers and Office Machines
  • Equipment Rental
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Maintenance, Hardware and Paint Supplies
  • Technology Solutions, Software and Equipment
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Roofing
  • Telecommunications
  • Uniforms or Branded Clothing
  • Park, Playground and P.E. Equipment
  • Auto Parts
  • Science and Lab Supplies