U.S. Communities


New Supplier Inquiry

U.S. Communities is proud to be associated with some of the finest supplier partners in the industry.

The U.S. Communities program is comprised of a variety of government contracts, all of which have been competitively solicited by a local government agency, and which have been made available for use by other non-federal government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Since each contract is competitively solicited, there is no supplier signup procedure that allows participation in U.S. Communities.

Companies interested in becoming suppliers under the U.S. Communities program should periodically check the U.S. Communities Current Solicitations page for postings of Requests for Proposal and Invitations to Bid issued by lead public agencies on behalf of the U.S. Communities program. Lead public agencies are generally members of the U.S. Communities Advisory Board that have decided, after consultation with the Advisory Board, to conduct solicitations on behalf of their own agency and other and other public agencies across the country under the U.S. Communities label.

Interested companies may also wish to register directly with U.S. Communities Advisory Board Agencies to receive notices of solicitation issued by those agencies. Most agencies provide for online registration at their procurement department web site. If you have additional questions please contact our Product Manager, Paul Terragno at or call (301) 975-1095.

Before completing the form below, please read the Selection Process and Supplier Commitment guidelines.