U.S. Communities

Supplier Commitments

Delivering Value, Integrity and Standards


The credibility of U.S. Communities is based on four Program Commitments that are required of all U.S. Communities suppliers. These commitments serve as the backbone of the U.S. Communities program. Public agencies and organizations using U.S. Communities suppliers can buy with confidence knowing that the contracts provide the highest level of public benefit.

Corporate Commitment
A commitment that U.S. Communities is actively supported by the supplier’s senior executive management with a focus on the following:

  • U.S. Communities shall be the supplier’s primary offering to states, cities, counties, special districts, local governments, school districts, and higher education institutions; and other government agencies and nonprofit organizations, herein collectively known as “Participating Public Agencies”.
  • A commitment that the supplier shall advise all existing Participating Public Agencies that are current customers of the supplier as to the value and pricing benefits of the U.S. Communities contract.
  • Upon authorization by a Participating Public Agency, the supplier shall transition such Participating Public Agency to the pricing, terms and conditions of the supplier’s U.S. Communities contract.

Pricing Commitment
A commitment that supplier’s U.S. Communities contract pricing is the lowest available pricing (net to buyer) to Participating Public Agencies. If a Participating Public Agency is otherwise eligible for lower pricing through any other contract with the supplier, the supplier shall match the lower pricing under its U.S. Communities contract.

Sales Commitment
A commitment that the supplier shall market the U.S. Communities contract through the supplier’s sales force or dealer network that is properly trained, engaged and committed to offering the U.S. Communities contract as the supplier’s primary offering to public agencies.

Economy Commitment
A commitment that the supplier shall demonstrate the pricing advantage of U.S. Communities over alternative competitive solicitation pricing and shall proactively offer the pricing, terms and conditions of the U.S. Communities contract as a more effective alternative to the cost and time associated with such alternate bids and solicitations.

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