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Cooperative Purchasing in New Jersey

Eliminate the costs associated with competitive bids and reduce the time and resources needed for contract solicitation—­­at no cost.

Agencies in New Jersey can take advantage of cost savings for products and services through U.S. Communities' cooperative purchasing contracts. U.S. Communities aggregates the purchasing power of more than 90,000 public agencies nationwide by offering participating public agencies the ability to make purchases through existing, competitively solicited contracts between a supplier and a lead public agency. 

With U.S. Communities, you will find more than costs savings—you will find a procurement solution partner. An impartial lead public agency competitively solicits, evaluates and awards all contracts. Our program is designed to provide costs savings with the lowest overall public agency pricing, driving efficiencies and delivering value. 


2012: Governor signs amended legislation to Title 52, Chapter 52:34-6.2 Section 7 that allows for cooperative purchasing 
“… may also elect to purchase goods or services through a contract awarded pursuant to a nationally-recognized and accepted cooperative purchasing agreement that has been developed utilizing a competitive bidding process, in which other states participate, whenever the director determines this to be the most cost-effective method of procurement…” 
View NJ Statute Authorizing Cooperative Purchasing

May 14, 2012: Department of Community Affairs (DCA) issues Local Finance Notice (LFN 2012-10) as guidance to local agencies when reviewing contracts

Next Steps

  1. To show contract compliance, suppliers under contract through U.S. Communities compiled Vendor LFN packets for agencies to download and keep on record.

     Download LFN Packets 

  2. The DCA’s guidance also strongly suggests that a contracting agency must provide public notice to current contract holders and prospective bidders of their decision to utilize a national cooperative purchasing agreement that would otherwise require public bidding. U.S. Communities has automated this process for contracts available through the program. A notice of intent to award a contract under a national cooperative purchasing agreement can be generated through the link below. 

Generate Notice of
Intent to Award


State Statutes
Access the New Jersey Intergovernmental Purchasing Statutes.

Cooperative Standards
Not all purchasing cooperatives are equal. Use this helpful information when choosing cooperative contracts to ensure best value and protection for you and your agency.

U.S. Communities contracts are established to meet both the competitive solicitation and consent requirements. Access to U.S. Communities contracts includes consent to a Master Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement.


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Contracts Adopted by the State of New Jersey


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How to Get Started

  1. Register with U.S. Communities

  2. Request Contact from the suppliers you would like to purchase from.

    They will contact you to set up an account or connect your existing account to your U.S. Communities registration.

  3. Contact a Supplier to begin purchasing.