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State of Arizona Statutes

Title 11 Counties
Chapter 7 Intergovernmental Operations
Article 3 Joint Exercise of Powers

§ 11-951. Definitions

For the purposes of this article, the term "public agency" shall include the federal government or any federal department or agency Indian tribe, this state, any other state, all departments, agencies, boards and commissions of this state or any other state, counties, school districts, cities, towns, all municipal corporations, and any other political subdivisions of the state or any other state.

§ 11-952. Intergovernmental agreements and contracts

A. If authorized by their legislative or other governing bodies, two or more public agencies by direct contract or agreement may contract for services or jointly exercise any powers common to the contracting parties and may enter into agreements with one another for joint or cooperative action or may form a separate legal entity, including a nonprofit corporation, to contract for or perform some or all of the services specified in the contract or agreement or exercise those powers jointly held by the contracting parties, except that if two or more school districts arrange to become contracting parties under the terms of this section, such contract shall first be approved by the state board of education.

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