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State of New Mexico Statutes

§ 13-1-44. Definitions; cooperative procurement.

"Cooperative procurement" means procurement conducted by or on behalf of more than one state agency or local public body, or by a state agency or local public body with an external procurement unit.

§ 13-1-56. Definitions; external procurement unit.

"External procurement unit" means any procurement organization not located in this state which, if in this state, would qualify as a state agency or a local public body. An agency of the United States government is an external procurement unit.

§ 13-1-135. Cooperative procurement authorized.

A. Any state agency or local public body may either participate in, sponsor or administer a cooperative procurement agreement for the procurement of any services, construction or items of tangible personal property with any other state agency, local public body or external procurement unit in accordance with an agreement entered into and approved by the governing authority of each of the state agencies, local public bodies or external procurement units involved. The cooperative procurement agreement shall clearly specify the purpose of the agreement and the method by which the purpose will be accomplished. Any power exercised under a cooperative procurement agreement entered into pursuant to this subsection shall be limited to the central purchasing authority common to the contracting parties, even though one or more of the contracting parties may be located outside this state. An approved and signed copy of all cooperative procurement agreements entered into pursuant to this subsection shall be filed with the state purchasing agent. A cooperative procurement agreement entered into pursuant to this subsection is limited to the procurement of items of tangible personal property, services or construction.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection A of this section, a cooperative procurement agreement providing for mutually held funds or for other terms and conditions involving public funds or property included in Section 11-1-4 NMSA 1978 shall be entered into pursuant to the provisions of the Joint Powers Agreements Act [11-1-1 NMSA 1978].

C. Central purchasing offices other than the state purchasing agent may cooperate by agreement with the state purchasing agent in obtaining contracts or price agreements, and such contract or agreed prices shall apply to purchase orders subsequently issued under the agreement.

§ 13-1-135.1. Recycled content goods; cooperative procurement

A. Beginning July 1, 1995, each central purchasing office shall, whenever its price, quality, quantity, availability and delivery requirements are met, purchase recycled content goods through contracts established by the purchasing division of the general services department or with other central purchasing offices.

B. For purposes of this section, "recycled content goods" means supplies and materials composed in whole or in part of recycled materials; provided that the recycled materials content meets or exceeds the minimum content standards required by bid specifications.

§ 13-1-136. Cooperative procurement; reports required.

The general services department and the department of finance and administration shall notify the state purchasing agent on or before January 1 of each year of the cooperative procurement agreements entered into by state agencies with local public bodies or external procurement units during the preceding fiscal year.