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Online cooperative purchasing

U.S. Communities' online marketplace was designed to make purchasing through U.S. Communities contracts easier by providing a single shopping environment that delivers:

  • Free, online purchasing resource
  • Rapid savings through comparison shopping
  • Centralized purchasing and optional approval workflow
  • Option to pay by p-card, credit card or purchase order
One order — many suppliers

Within a single cart, you can order from multiple suppliers instead of placing separate orders with each supplier. Flexible payment and shipping options let you change payment and billing information for each order. 

Save on shipping

Most of our suppliers offer free shipping through their U.S. Communities contract. Any additional shipping charges, such as charges for oversized items, will be communicated directly from the supplier before your order is processed.

Organization-wide access

Each individual ordering through the Marketplace will need their own User ID and password. They can go through the individual registration process, or if you have multiple new users we can help with our mass registration form.

If training is needed, this can be provided through a webinar by contacting your program manager. Also, throughout the year, we offer free webinars that cover Marketplace functionality.

Lastly, help all your users get started by creating a link from your purchasing website to the Marketplace. Just follow the easy instructions on the Marketplace Link Kit page.  

Ongoing enhancements

The features available through the Marketplace continue to grow as we incorporate feedback from users. We are also working with suppliers that are not currently on the Marketplace to make their products available online. For those vendors who are not on the Marketplace, pricing and product information can be obtained by contacting the vendor directly or through your program manager.

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