U.S. Communities

Supplier Solutions


The products, services and solutions available through the U.S. Communities suppliers is vast. To help users quickly identify cooperative purchasing solutions around a particular need or area, U.S. Communities and it's suppliers have created customized solution categories. You'll be able to dive into the areas that are most relevant to your business and get more detailed information on the full scope of the supplier offerings.

Follow the solutions links below for more detailed information on the cooperative purchasing contracts.

Technology Solutions

U.S. Communities provides organizations with an array of technology products, services and solutions.

Education Solutions

Be strategic and utilize your cooperative purchasing resources. Instead of spending countless hours on research, specifications and evaluations - you can take advantage of U.S. Communities' education solutions and start saving!

Office Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for your office to help generate savings without impacting your organization.

Auto, Fleet & Equipment Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to meet your fleet and automotive needs.

Parks and Recreation Solutions

Delivering comprehensive solutions for park and recreation areas in your schools and communities.

Facilities Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for facilities construction, maintenance and operations.

Public Works Solutions

Drive savings for all of your public utilities needs with our comprehensive resources.

Health and Safety Solutions

Innovative solutions to help your agency better protect your community and environment.