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Cintas Clean Restroom Solutions


Did you know 70% of visitors rank a clean restroom as extremely important, and 95% would avoid an establishment in the future if they found the restroom to be dirty? Cintas Clean Restroom Solutions enhance image, save time and improve employee morale through a comprehensive program.

  • Essentials - Cintas restocking service ensures your restrooms have full and functioning dispensers and the highest quality Sanis hand care and paper products.
  • Protect - Between cleanings, Cintas odor control and auto flush units keep your restrooms looking and smelling clean.
  • Maintain - Cintas ensures you have the right tools and proper cleaning chemicals to keep your restrooms clean. Signet™ Cleaning Chemical Service combines industry-leading cleaning chemicals from Diversey with the service excellence of Cintas to bring you one powerful solution.
  • Deep Clean - Let Cintas do the heavy lifting when it comes to deep cleaning. With our Sanis UltraClean service, old dirt and grime disappear. A periodic deep clean also makes day-to-day cleaning easier.