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The ReviveR™ AED

Seconds count when someone's heart stops beating


Designed for use by lay responders, the ReviveR AED has no lids, moving parts or cases — just two buttons with pre-connected pads.

When the ReviveR AED is in use, a clear, calm voice and visual indicators prompt the user from start to finish, making the ReviveR AED simple to use.

Continuous monitoring of the heart will detect if the patient's heartbeat recovers, and the ReviveR AED will cancel the shock.

The Revolutionary ReviveR™ VIEW AED

The new ReviveR™ VIEW automated external defibrillator is the first and only AED on the market to use digital video to show how to save the life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim in real-time.

Using the ReviveR View is like having a personal coach at a rescuer’s side. Interactive videos supplemented by easy-to-read text and voice prompts show the rescuer everything from how to apply the defibrillation pads to how to deliver the shocks to the sudden cardiac arrest victim.