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The data expertise and analytical insight needed to make the right decisions for your community and constituents.

With more than 30 years of experience in data management, we combine data, analytics and software with state and local government expertise to help agencies of all sizes gain a deeper understanding of consumers, businesses, markets and economies. We recognize the unique challenges and increasingly complex needs that state, county and local municipalities face. In partnership with U.S. Communities, we have developed specific offerings to help your agency efficiently achieve mission success.

Experian helps cities, counties and state agencies in the areas of:

  • Protecting the integrity of entitlement programs by making more insightful eligibility decisions
  • Decreasing the incidence of tax return fraud by identifying identity theft prior to disbursing refunds
  • Accurately assessing potential government vendors for fiscal stability and legitimacy
  • Evaluating business and individual providers for participation in benefit programs
  • Assisting in investigation activities by providing information on more than 220 million consumers
  • Optimizing collection efforts to maximize revenue while decreasing the accumulation of new debt
  • Ensuring the quality and relevancy of information in agency databases
  • Enabling agencies to offer secure e-services to its constituents by authenticating user identities

With Experian as its single-source provider of accurate, up-to-date data and analytical information, Experian's solutions help public agencies manage:

Child support enforcement

Provides up-to-date contact data for noncustodial parents


Maximizes recovery efforts with flexibility and minimal cost

Business risk/Contractor responsibility

Delivers essential data for vetting of potential vendors and contractors

Data cleansing

Verify and update best addresses for voter registration list hygiene


Verify applicant identity and validate financial data for benefits determination, real-time monitoring of credit and financial data, and for continued benefits eligibility

Online authentication/ Identity management

Authenticate new constituents for eServicing, online reauthorization of already registered constituents of eServicing and using knowledge-based out-of-wallet questions

Tax return fraud

Improve detection of identity theft-based income-tax fraud


Enhance your traditional employment decision-making tools- such as job applications, interviews, testing and reference checks

Public utilities

Verify potential customer's identity and background to make an informed decision so you can better mitigate risk and prevent fraud

Credit check

Start making the most informed credit decisions by leveraging the best data to check an individual's credit and mitigate risk

Learn more about Experian solutions and the products offered for each of the above solutions. 


Experian solutions and expertise makes it possible for state, county and local municipalities to achieve mission success while:

  • Protecting citizen information
  • Improving revenue streams
  • Reducing fraud in programs
  • Collecting on outstanding debt
  • Avoiding improper payments
  • Optimizing resources

What are the benefits of leveraging Experian's Solutions through the U.S. Communities partnership? 
This is a competitively-solicited contract and public agencies will receive our best overall government pricing on industry-leading product and service solutions created specifically to meet the needs of U.S. public-sector clients.

How do I contact Experian if I have questions about signing up, enrolling, activation, pricing or help completing documents?
Visit www.experian.com/uscommunities

How long does it take to get Experian Compliance and Membership Department approvals?
Approval takes approximately two to four weeks after we receive your signed Contract Addendum to the Fairfax County, Virginia, Acceptance Agreement.

How do I get training to access client/user reports inside an Experian Solution? Experian will coordinate new client training once an account number has been created for you.

What do I do if my password needs to be reset?
Visit www.experian.com/uscommunities and fill out the form with your request and include your user ID.

Is the US Communities Partners in Innovation Program Public Sector contract competitively-solicited?
Yes - This U.S. Communities sponsored contract was awarded to Experian after the lead public agency, Fairfax County, Virginia, completed a competitive solicitation and thorough evaluation process. Experian's contract is available for nationwide use. For additional contract details, please see our US Communities - County of Fairfax, Virginia Acceptance Agreement or contact Mr. David A. Giza, Contracts Counsel, Experian at david.giza@experian.com or call 224-698-8153.

Getting Started

To do business with Experian through the Partners in Innovation Program Public Sector contract, you must be registered as a participating agency with U.S. Communities. There is no cost for membership, no user fees or commitments. U.S. Communities is open to states, state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and special districts. If you are already registered, please contact us at uscommunities@experian.com.

Placing an Order with Experian
Web: www.experian.com/us-communities
Email: uscommunities@experian.com
Phone: 855-224-9719

Experian product and service solutions are competitively priced through the Partners in Innovation Program Public Sector contract. This competitively-solicited U.S. Communities contract assures you receive Experian's best overall government pricing on our broad portfolio of data and software products and service solutions.