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Value Proposition

Farber Specialty Vehicles is no stranger to performing a complex project and are backed by strong financials, top-notch engineering, talented construction personnel and an elite service department dedicated to world-class service after the sale.

How we are different:

Strong Financials
Farber Specialty Vehicles has been fortunate to stay extremely busy even through recent economic downturns, managing challenging customer-driven production targets and continuing to stock shell inventory to decrease lead-time.  

FSV engineers have delivered complex vehicle designs that have led and exceeded industry standards and customer satisfaction. 

Construction Personnel
Driving the quality of a Farber vehicle is our talented workforce. Our skilled craftsmen bring years of experience to metalwork, cabinetry and electrical elements of every Farber build. Farber benefits from an extremely high retention rate of some of the most talented workforce in the business and is proud of the work they do.

Our superior industry reputation in performance, capability, service and price make Farber Specialty Vehicles an unmatched value for our customers.

Design Studio

The Farber Design Center promotes a dynamic and creative atmosphere for customers to sit down with our in-house design team and plan the look and feel of their new mobile.

Select wall coverings, cabinet laminates, flooring and fabrics right in our Design Studio.

We can help balance durability with high-tech, modern or traditional - whatever look is desired for your vehicle. We are constantly on the hunt for the most innovative and cutting edge products on the market.

With antimicrobial fabrics, copper ion composites and hardware, we capture the look of a brick and mortar facility while maintaining a comfortable, healthy and long-lasting work environment.


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Part Number Vehicle Model
USCFSV 1000001FSV Van MercedesFord
USCFSV 1000002FSV Body 12 Ford
USCFSV 1000003FSV Body 16Ford
USCFSV 1000004FSV Body 18 Ford, Freightliner International
USCFSV 1000005FSV Body 20 Ford, Freightliner International
USCFSV 1000006FSV Body 24 Ford, Freightliner International
USCFSV 1000007FSV Body 30Freightliner International
USCFSV 1000008FSV Body 32Freightliner International
USCFSV 1000009FSV StepVan 20Freightliner
USCFSV 1000010FSV StepVan 26Freightliner
USCFSV 1000011FSV StepVan 30Freightliner
USCFSV 1000012FSV Coach Style 33Freightliner, Ford
USCFSV 1000013FSV Coach Style 38Freightliner, Ford
USCFSV 1000014FSV Custom Coach Style 38-(front engine)Freightliner
USCFSV 1000015FSV Custom Coach Style 40-(rear engine)Freightliner
USCFSV 1000016FSV Custom Coach Style 45-(rear engine)Freightliner
USCFSV 1000017FSV Prevost H3-45 56 Passenger CoachVolvo
USCFSV 1000018FSV Prevost X3-45 55 Passenger CoachVolvo
USCFSV 1000019FSV Prevost Volvo 56 Passenger CoachVolvo
USCFSV 1000020FSV Prevost X345Volvo
USCFSV 1000021FSV Prevost H345Volvo
USCFSV 1000022FSV Trailer-16Custom
USCFSV 1000023FSV Trailer-20Custom
USCFSV 1000024FSV Trailer-30Custom
USCFSV 1000025FSV Trailer-53Custom
USCFSV 1000026FSV Trailer-53 Double ExpandableCustom
USCFSV 1000027FSV Trailer-53 Two StoryCustom
USCFSV 1000028FSV Custom Fire ChassisSpartan, Custom
USCFSV 1000029FSV Custom Coach Mauck IIMercedes
Completed Projects

Anchorage Police Department

Boone County

Elementary Education Library

Laurens County

Marin County

OED Baltimore

Beaufort County

Charles County

Institute for Advanced Learning


Montgomery County

Sewer and Water


Our highly diverse markets include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bomb Units
  • Bookmobiles
  • Mobile Classroom
  • Command Posts
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Mobile Dental Operatories
  • Mobile Display
  • DUI Enforcement
  • Fire
  • HazMat
  • Health Services
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Mobile Mammography
  • Mauck2
  • Mobile Medical
  • Opthamology
  • Other
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Sprinter
  • SWAT
  • Veterinary
  • DUV (Dual Use Vehicle)
  • Mobile STEM Classrooms
  • EVA

Farber Specialty Vehicles builds state-of-the-art mobile classrooms and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vehicles complete with broadband internet access. Vehicles are custom designed and built to meet customers' needs. AutoCAD engineering drawings are provided prior to construction for review. Customers have the option of providing the operating systems, or Farber Specialty will provide a "turn-key" vehicle, fully operational upon delivery of the vehicle.

Mobile Labs and STEM Vehicles

Farber Specialty Vehicles is a leader in custom design-built specialty vehicles including STEM , hi-tech command, communication, laboratory, classroom and evidence collection. Learn more about these vehicles.

Customer Service

Farber has built hundreds of vehicles both nationally and internationally. Our relationships are developed during the planning and management of the project, but truly start at the time the vehicle is delivered to you. We have a long term commitment to provide the best service throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. We are available in the office from 8am to 5:30pm ET M-F. We are also available by cell any time after hours.

Warranty information and assistance are provided for all components to assure your purchase works to the fullest capacity throughout the life of the vehicle. Delivery and training are provided by experienced technicians.

In the event of a routine problem please call us at 800.331.3188 anytime between 7:30am and 5:30pm ET.

In the event of a problem we will first work to alleviate any issues locally. Our service department will communicate with your local service provider to be sure the issue is corrected in a timely manner. If local providers are unable to correct the issue we will send one of our service technicians on site to make the correction.


Farber Specialty Vehicles (“FSV”) is a leading final stage manufacturer for custom mobile specialty vehicles. Vehicles are custom designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s unique needs. The Farber name has been associated with the automotive industry since 1920, originally selling Ford cars and trucks and in 1947 the innovative Tucker car. Farber Motors was established in 1920 by N.C Farber as an automotive retail and service outlet and incorporated in 1949 by second-generation owner Donavin N. Farber (“Don”). Don Farber further expanded the business into recreational vehicle sales in the mid-sixties later to be joined by his four sons (D. Steven Farber, John C. Farber, Kenneth J. Farber and Nicolas C. Farber).

The earliest FARBER vehicles were van to camper conversions in the early 1970’s. The roofs were cut out of the vans to allow for an extended fiberglass top and the interior was up-fitted with camping equipment. The “plant” consisted of a small shed at the rear of the RV facility in Whitehall, Ohio only large enough to accommodate one conversion at a time. By the early 1980’s, requests for custom-built mobile units had accelerated. Sons Kenneth J. Farber (“Ken”) led “Specialty Vehicle” sales, while John C. Faber drafted the original vehicle designs with drafting paper and pencil.

By 1995, the specialty vehicle division exceeded the capacity of the RV dealership and operations were moved into an existing 18,000 sq. ft. facility on the East side of Columbus. Ken, with his brother Steve managed and operated the business out of this facility until 2002, when the business once again outgrew the building capacity and relocated operations to a 50,000 sq. ft. industrial plant at 7052 Americana Parkway, where the company resides today. In the same year, FSV purchased the customer base, trade name, equipment and inventory of Custom Coach; an established manufacturer of entertainment and executive transportation vehicles.

Today, FSV’s 110+ full-time employees utilize the latest technology to design and build custom specialty vehicles. AutoCad and SolidWorks computer aided design software is used to design interiors as well as body shells. The FSV plant has the most up to date CNC, machine press, and HVAC equipment in the industry. FSV custom manufactures on many different platforms including Freightliner, International, Ford, Prevost and Sprinter. A broad scope of work includes emergency management, medical, laboratories and educational vehicles.

FSV is currently managed by Ken (President) and Nick (Director of Operations) as well as a fourth generation of family members and many dedicated employees with 10-35 years of experience with the company. More so today than ever, FSV remains committed to the spirit of innovation by which the company was founded, and continues to be a leader in specialty vehicle manufacturing.  

Getting Started

Getting Started 

To utilize a contract with Farber Specialty Vehicles, you must be registered as a participating agency on the U.S. Communities website. There is no cost for membership. U.S. Communities is open to states, state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and special districts.

Contact Information

Phone: (Toll Free) 800-331-3188
Fax: 614-759-2098
E-mail: uscommunities@farberspecialty.com


Farber Specialty Vehicles has committed to providing all U.S. Communities participating agencies with our lowest public sector pricing for our consulting services.


Who is Farber Specialty Vehicles?
Farber Specialty Vehicles 60,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly plant is located next to I-70 in Columbus, Ohio, just ten minutes from the Columbus International Airport.

A talented workforce with an extremely high retention rate has been the cornerstone of Farber Specialty Vehicles success. Our team leaders oversee a staff of more than 120 skilled craftsmen and have been in the industry from ten to thirty years.

Our electrical and mechanical engineering staff is dedicated to custom designing bodies and interior floor plans with AutoCAD and Solid Works computer design systems.

Production includes custom-built mobile units for police, medical, veterinary, Homeland Security, communications, education, and business interests both nationally and internationally.

Warranty information and assistance are provided for all components to assure your purchase works to the fullest capacity throughout the life of the vehicle. Delivery and training are provided by experienced technicians.

In 2002, Farber purchased the assets of Custom Coach Corporation, a well-known manufacturer of executive and entertainer transportation since 1955. Together, our commitment to quality and innovation has proven itself in each vehicle we build and every customer we keep.


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