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Our People
We Play, Too. We’re Play Innovators, Play Experts and Play Researchers.

Since 1929, GameTime has pursued a single mission - enriching childhood through play. For nearly a century we've combined our passion for play with contemporary design, world-class manufacturing, and standards-based programs and curriculum.

Wherever You Are, We’re Local 
GameTime representatives and certified installers live, work and play in your neighborhood. We provide turnkey, personal service throughout all phases of your play and recreation projects to ensure your playground, fitness park, Challenge Course®, or one-of-a-kind, custom play space is a community centerpiece.  

Unsurpassed Expertise 
Our play experts have an average of 25 years experience designing, installing and maintaining playgrounds and fitness parks. GameTime representatives in North America—and around the globeprovide a unique perspective and passion for enriching childhood through play. 

Play Partnerships 
A great playground needs a great team, and every team needs the right players. We bring together the key individuals in a community who care most about play: civic leaders, corporate partners, landscape architects, educators and families. 

Our Products

GameTime is committed to designing innovative products backed by an industry-leading warranty. Our goal is to help communities provide outdoor recreation areas that reconnect families and enrich childhood through play. 

THRIVE, GameTime’s newest fitness system, is perfect for parks, universities, and schools. This high-quality composite fitness structure provides multiple users a full body workout in as little as 250 square feet.

ShadowPlay creates a dynamic play environment that changes throughout the day and brings imagination to light. 

Expression Swing is GameTime’s exclusive, patented face-to-face design that positions an adult and a child at eye level while playing together! 

Challenge Course combines elements of a football training camp with the excitement of an obstacle course, so your city can create a unique recreation destination that will bring people to their feet and into your parks. 

PlayWorx is the custom play division by GameTime that creates one-of-a-kind playscapes that tell your community’s story in a playful way.

ShadowPlay TriRunner offers an incredible spinning experience like no other!

Inclusive playgrounds that encourage children and families of all abilities to play together, and address the needs of the whole child, the whole environment and the whole community.

Our Process

GameTime offers a complete turnkey solution for your play and recreation project based on nearly a century of experience:

  • Pre-Install & Site Review: GameTime's local reps and certified installers will examine the site of your future playground to make sure the environment will be a great spot for a playground. We look for all the details that make an installation successful, such as potential obstructions to the site, whether the site is level, how rain water will drain from the site, removal of existing equipment or other impediments, etc.
  • Equipment Delivery & Site Prep: Once the site is deemed appropriate for installation, we'll then prepare the site for construction and deliver the equipment. Prepping the site might include clearing brush, trees or other landscape items.
  • Frequent Communication Throughout the Project: With representatives across the country, we are always close by to help. We'll be there for every step of the project and in close contact from start to finish. It's important to us that everything runs smoothly and that you build the best playground or fitness park for your community.
  • Site Cleanup & Refuse Removal: After the playground is constructed, and all the safety surfacing is laid down, we'll clean up trash and make sure the play area or fitness park is ready for your community.
  • Final Walk-Through & Approval: Our local representative will do a final walk-through of the site with you to make sure it's right. We build playgrounds to help bring communities together through play, so we want to make sure the playground or fitness park is perfect for you.
Our Pricing & Shipping

GameTime guarantees U.S. Communities participating agencies receive our best price every time. We offer a hassle-free pricing structure with discounts that vary by product line, from 3%-24%.

Shipping varies based on weight and delivery destination. See our up-to-date contract documents for details.

Parks & Rec

We love parks. They offer a wealth of benefits to communities such as outdoor recreation and physical activity, social gatherings and parties, and improved quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. According to findings from the National Recreation and Parks Association, public parks are vitally important ensuring the health of families and youth and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of a community and a region. More than 80% of adults and children in the United States visit parks each year - that's why we focus on providing comprehensive play and recreation products and services for park and recreation departments around the world. 

Industry Leaders in Inclusive Play
Creating Inclusive Communities Through Meaningful Play
GameTime designs inclusive play environments that go beyond accessibility. Backed by independent research and based on guidelines developed by leaders in the field of inclusive design, our play and recreation spaces address the needs of the whole child, and of every child. They also encourage children, adults and families of all abilities to experience the benefits of play...together. Download a copy of our 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design Executive Summary to learn more about creating inclusive environments for your community. 

National Demonstration Sites
Demonstrate your leadership
Through our parent company, PlayCore, GameTime recognizes communities who utilize their parks to demonstrate leadership in the areas of inclusive play, nature play, playful pathways, outdoor adult fitness and youth fitness with their park playground. Learn more about the National Demonstration Site program.

Multigenerational Play Solutions

Connect Every Generation to Play, and to One Another
Only GameTime offers multigenerational park playground equipment like Expression Swing® for adults and children to play together, Challenge Course® for adults and older children to be more active and GTfit fitness products for installation near a park playground so parents can exercise while children are at play.  

Community Training and Outreach

Webinars and professional development symposiums
GameTime offers professional development seminars, online webinars and community training sessions on dozens of topics through our parent company, PlayCore. Parks and Recreation professionals who attend these sessions are awarded CEU credits. Learn more about our outreach and education offerings

Wherever You Are, We're Local

Nationwide network of sales and service professionals
GameTime's network of sales professionals and certified installers live, work and play in your neighborhood. No matter where you live, there is a GameTime representative near you, and in most cases, can be on site in a matter of hours. Find the GameTime agency in your neighborhood.

Schools & Daycare

We believe in school playgrounds. They are often the first place children begin to develop social skills, and they are the backdrop for fictional and imaginative play. The playground is also where children learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, patience and following rules. Moreover, a well-designed school playground allows teachers to extend their classroom and physical education activities outdoors for a new perspective and a creative approach to learning.

We design playground equipment for schools that will help kids learn and grow.

Innovative Products & Local Service

Products you won't find anywhere else, help and support that's always nearbyFrom play systems designed for exploration and discovery, to exciting obstacle courses that keep your students moving day after day, GameTime offers fun and exclusive fitness-based play products. We also have a network of play specialists who have an average tenure of 25 years who live, work and play in your neighborhood who will help you design the perfect solution for your school.  

Design & Activity Programs

Standards-based curriculum and design guides
Only GameTime offers curriculum and guidebooks that align with national standards and help you get the most out of your playground. Developed in partnership with leading play researchers and scientists, these programs focus on inclusion, nature, or maximizing physical activity. In addition, our designers are highly skilled at creating play spaces that keep children engaged, active and coming back for more!


Ability Based Play for Preschools
KidTime playground systems are an ability-based approach to play that is designed specifically for the play style and developmental needs of children ages 2-5, making them the perfect preschool playground equipment.


Affordable Play with Maximum Play Value
PrimeTime play systems are constructed of durable material and utilize our patented DirectBolt™ connections for fast, accurate installation. Compact in design and big on play value, PrimeTime sets the standard for affordable play.


Our Biggest and Best Play Systems
PowerScape play systems combine a wide range play components, the industry's largest decks and flexible design options to create a play system that is durable, high capacity and low maintenance. 

HOAs, Churches & Communities

From homeowner’s associations to churches, we offer affordable playground solutions and custom playscapes. Looking for a small playground to fit into your church lot? We have options. Want to build a themed playground with custom climbers and surfacing? Our PlayWorx team can help with that.

Community Playground

Provide a valuable resource to your communityIn many communities, the only playground and recreation area is at the neighborhood church or faith center. Providing outdoor play fitness opportunities is a valuable service that helps to enrich the lives of children and families.  

Preschool and Daycare

Provide for your youngest parishionersGameTime's playground equipment is designed to meet the needs of daycare and preschool-age children, and to meet the national standards for preschool and early learning facilities.  

Outdoor Fitness

Moving Fitness ForwardMany places of worship provide outdoor walking trails and fitness areas for community use. GameTime can help you plan an outdoor fitness area that fits the needs of your entire community. 

DirectBolt® Connections

Easy to Install and MaintainThanks to GameTime's patented DirectBolt® connections, all of our playground systems are compliant with safety standards when they leave the factory. DirectBolt also makes it easy to install our play systems and minimizes maintenance over time. 

Always the Right Size

Options for Neighborhoods Large or Small
Whether you are building multiple play and recreation sites throughout a city or a single playground as part of an apartment complex, GameTime can help. We've designed playgrounds for entire school districts, as well as small recreation areas for multi-family housing communities.


Enriching lives through play is our commitment to the children, families and communities we serve today – and to many generations to come. That’s why our approach to sustainability encompasses every aspect of our company – from the way we manufacture our products, to how we do business.  

Environmentally Responsible Play Systems that Last Decades, Not Years.
For nearly a century, we’ve created products that are made from responsible materials, manufactured in a sustainable manner and designed to be easily reclaimed at the end of their life cycle. 

With more than 125,000 individual parts moving through our 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility, even the smallest steps towards greater environmental efficiency can help us make a very big difference.

The Right Materials

We think sustainable products are products built to last. That means choosing materials that have the lowest possible impact on the environment that can also withstand the physical demands of playful, active children and years of changing weather conditions. 

GameTime products use some of the world’s most durable and recyclable materials, including aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and steel.

Responsible Sourcing

We work with our suppliers to source the most environmentally preferable materials for our products – and our processes. When possible, we also make every effort to find opportunities to work with vendors and suppliers in our local communities to minimize the carbon output associated with transporting materials. 

Recycled Content

More than 93% of materials in our products contain recycled content, and our products are 100% recyclable.

Saving Energy, Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We’ve reduced energy consumption in our manufacturing facility by 41% since 2007 – the equivalent to carbon sequestered by 1,849 acres of U.S. forests a year. 

Conserving Water

Every drop of water counts. Since 2010, we’ve reduced our water consumption by approximately 1,000 gallons each year.

Eliminating Waste

Decreasing waste – and increasing the volume of material we recycle – is one of our biggest opportunities to make a big impact on our environmental footprint. In addition to using material that already contains recycled content, we also make every effort to reduce waste associated with our manufacturing processes. Today, the vast majority of waste at our manufacturing facility is recycled, including 100% of manufacturing process waste like scrap metal, rotationally molded plastic and paper. We’re also working to recycle the majority of our administrative waste, too.

Download Green Brochure

THRIVE - GameTime's Newest Fitness System

Improve community wellness with THRIVE™, a fitness structure perfect for parks, universities and schools.