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Is your current lighting hurting your agency?


Is it helping you stay safe?

Each year,  more than 9,000 pedestrians are injured or killed in parking lots and garages (NHTSA)


Your lighting accounts for 28-40% of a facility's electric bill.

The cost of energy continues to rise. Light is a simple way to save.


Your lighting affects productivity.

Studies show that lighting improvements can have 3-15% impact on productivity in facilities like yours!

Graybar can help

Graybar has a proven process for lighting retrofits.

The Graybar PowerSmart® team consists of Graybar team members and trusted installers.

Take the hassle out of implementing LED. Let us show you how Graybar can work to your advantage.

Facility Executive Webinar: What You Haven't Heard about LED Upgrades — But Should!

PowerSmart Solutions
Connecting a building into a single, integrated system can translate into huge benefits for building owners in terms of profitability, productivity and environmental impact. Graybar PowerSmart has the right solutions that can make a difference in your facility. Click through our solutions now to see everything we offer.
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The LED market is expected to experience double-digit growth thru 2013. By 2013, the global LED market will reach $14.3 billion, nearly double from 2009. Historically, LED technology was only seen in niche applications. Today, LEDs are making the jump to more mainstream commercial applications, such as indoor & outdoor lighting, retail displays and architectural spaces.

LED Advantages – LED technology is more efficient, requiring less energy than traditional HID and incandescent lamp sources. Their long life (50,000 hours) makes a compelling business case, especially as it relates to high maintenance applications. Other advantages include instant on, less light loss, no UV/IR emissions, cold temperature operation and environmentally friendly (no mercury).

LED Disadvantages – The biggest disadvantage to LEDs is the initial cost. This causes a weaker Return On Investment (ROI) in some applications. However, as the technology advances, costs will come down. Thermal management (ability to dissipate heat) and color consistency are challenges as well.

WATCH OUT FOR UNSUBSTANTIATED MANUFACTURER CLAIMS! Many manufacturers are over promising without the product testing data to support their claims. Download these Top 10 Questions to Ask Your LED Supplier to qualify before you buy. To increase your knowledge of LED read LED 101 Fundamentals of LED PowerPoint presentation. The Department of Energy (DOE) has taken a lead role in the development of rules and regulations for LED technology. The DOE site www.ssl.energy.gov is a 3rd party unbiased site that has proven to be a useful place for information.

  • Targeted 5% savings for agencies using traditional procurement practices
  • Specialized Sales Support: Dedicated to U.S. Communities participating agencies
  • 240-plus locations provide local inventory, delivery and will-call counter service
  • Technical Assistance and Product Specialists: Lighting, Energy Management, Building Automation, Emerging Technology, Electrical, Data Centers, Communications, Networking, Security
  • Energy Audit and Retro-Fit Assistance, Project Management, On-Site Services, Material Staging, Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Assistance with Green / LEED / Sustainable solutions
  • E-Business: ShopGraybar, E-Catalog, EDI, EFT, Punch-Out, Hosted Content
  • Graybar Financial Services offer financing and solutions
  • Advanced customer reporting capabilities, summary billing, cross reference files, bar coding
  • Storeroom management, commodity management, bin management, vendor managed inventory
  • Customer technical training
  • Emergency services: ISO 9001:2008 Registered
Pricing & Shipping

Pricing applies to normally stocked Graybar materials. Discounts are based on Graybar List Price or Cost in effect at time of order. The majority of pricing on the Graybar contracts is based on a list less discount structure. Cost-Plus discounting is used for market sensitive commodities and lighting fixtures. Not-To-Exceed discounting is used for value added services and material with no list price in our system. Graybar cannot sell at levels above the base contract price and reserves the right to offer a lesser discount for projects, or where large quantity discounts or localized supplier negotiations are available. Pricing was established through competitive solicitation process with Los Angeles County, CA. Our Pricing Commitment through Los Angeles County and U.S. Communities agreements dictate that Graybar lead with the U.S. Communities contract first and foremost for any opportunity within the applicable government procurement segment.  Our contracts represent pricing discounts from an extensive list of best-in-class suppliers offering unique opportunities to streamline your supply chain and find innovative or integrated solutions.

  • Standard delivery policy provides customers with next day service, free of charge, for materials stocked in the local branch or service center and within the branches standard service area
  • Orders requiring same-day or expedited next-day service, non-stock items, special order or special handling and materials obtained from the manufacturer, may include shipping or handling charges. Any shipping, handling or other costs will be negotiated at time of order
Graybar Delivery Advantage:

Graybar uses our Delivery Advantage program, a mobile resource management system that tracks and documents deliveries made by Graybar drivers. Developed with customer input, the Graybar Delivery Advantage enables us to provide customers with real-time delivery status and other valuable details on incoming deliveries.
Our innovative system gives you critical details on incoming deliveries, including:

  • Exact delivery date and time
  • Electronic image of recipient signature
  • Electronic image of delivered product
  • Aerial view of delivery location

Graybar drivers gather delivery information using their mobile phones – running Xora Time Track service – while the built-in GPS tracks the driver’s location. To check on a delivery, you just contact your customer service representative for complete details.

Consolidation of Orders:

Graybar uses the order consolidation process when items for a single customer order are being obtained from various sources and are to be re-shipped as one shipment to the customer. The items are transferred to a Graybar branch location, from one or more Graybar shipping locations, for reshipment to the customer on a single Graybar invoice number. The Graybar invoice number at the receiving location may also include items from its own local inventory.  Consolidation orders may incur shipping charges. 


Who can participate?
Eligible agencies include: States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Special Districts, K-12 Public & Private Schools, Public & Private Colleges and Universities & Non-Profits.

Does the pricing meet competitive bid requirements?
Through cooperative purchasing laws, the U.S. Communities pricing, by virtue of its public bid language, meets the requirements for bidding in all states except Louisiana. This allows agencies to use the pricing without taking the time to create bid documents, entertain multiple vendor inquiries and document the bids. Placing the order through Graybar allows them to utilize a quality vendor repetitively without the cost of using unknown or less reliable vendors.

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity?
Using Graybar and the U.S. Communities program assures an agency they are getting a very competitive price on any size order. Therefore, driving smaller quantity orders along with larger ones to Graybar provides the agency with maximum value for everything purchased. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the Graybar U.S. Communities program.

Is the pricing from a local government competitively solicited agreement?
The U.S. Communities pricing is the same pricing used to win the electrical and comm/data public bids for the County of Los Angeles, California. The County of Los Angeles is the largest county in the United States and spends more money than 44 states do! Therefore, your agency can buy at these same levels regardless of their size. While every price is not the lowest in the country, the overall competitiveness of the agreement is outstanding.

How does it save time and money?
The key value for the agency is resource savings. Most agencies today are spread thinner than ever. Agencies are downsizing administrative departments and retiring or departing purchasing and maintenance positions are left unfilled. The Graybar U.S. Communities program provides a mechanism to save the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing bids. The time savings allow the department to accomplish its work tasks more efficiently with the personnel on hand.

How can my agency become a participating U.S. Communities member?
Click on the Register link and complete the quick and easy registration process.

Graybar Contacts:

Rob Rhoads | Strategic Account Manager
Graybar East Regions
Office (314) 573-7159 | Mobile (202) 445-8992

Jeff Peskuski | Strategic Account Manager
Graybar West Regions
Office (314) 573-7154 | Mobile (630) 640-4905

GE LED Tubes Retrofit

GE LED T8 Integrated Tubes Refit Solution

It’s easy to convert existing linear fluorescent fixtures to LED lighting without the need for a comprehensive reinstall. Introducing GE’s LED T8 Integrated Tubes, ideal for those seeking high energy savings with minimal cost and installation time.

Whether in retail, office or hospitality spaces, essentially wherever T8 linear fluorescent lighting (LFL) can be found, GE’s LED tube delivers a perfect, convenient fit. With GE’s LED T8, anywhere LFL is today LED can exist tomorrow. The Type A tubes allow for operation on an Electronic T8 ballast.

The UL-listed tubes are rated for 50,000 hours of life and come in a 4-foot length. GE’s LED T8 is available in 2,200-2,300 lumen options, 120 to 125 lumens per watt and a choice of three color temperatures (3500°K, 4000K°, 5000K°). The T8 comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Learn more on the Graybar website.

Sports Lighting


LED Within Your Reach
Brighter, clearer, more efficient and surprisingly, more affordable. Learn how retrofitting your current field lighting with All Field can completely transform your field, and those that use it, those that manage it and those that have to pay for it.

Brilliant by Design
Eaton Ephesus wanted to create an LED lighting that was bright, efficient and maintenance free, but still affordable. So they engineered a fixture that is small and lightweight enough to be mounted on your existing infrastructure, likely saving you a bundle on materials and labor.

More Light, Fewer Fixtures
The Eaton Ephesus field light design outperforms typical LED systems in efficiency, brightness, glare control, spillage and sky glow. So you'll need far fewer fixtures to increase light on your field.

All Field Series The
All Field Series is the ideal solution for high-caliber outdoor sports lighting with features designed with municipal, high school, collegiate and semiprofessional outdoor sports venues in mind. Offering versatility for any outdoor sport including football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and field hockey, the All Field light delivers maintenance-free lighting with a great return on investment.

Download the Ephesus All Field Brochure


Graybar Brings Great Lighting and Energy Savings to the Raleigh Convention Center

Exhibit hall lighting upgrades have helped to significantly reduce energy usage and related maintenance by an estimated 318,230W per day.

There’s never been a better time to discover how an Eaton Lighting upgrade can create a safer, cleaner appearance, while providing significant economic, environmental benefits.