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Graybar is a leading distributor of data/communication, networking, wireless, security, electrical and lighting products. Graybar is the awarded supplier of these products through the U.S. Communities program. Utilizing the pooled power of public agencies nationwide, the program lowers your overall project and purchasing costs, while providing the quality of service and expertise customers expect from Graybar.  

From its humble beginnings in 1869, Graybar has become one of North America’s largest employee-owned companies, with more than 250 locations in North America. Graybar has the power and stability of a big company and the integrity and drive of an employee-owned business.

Today it’s all about being smart. Smart phones, smart appliances, smart cars; and now, the smart building. A “smart” facility is more than a trend. It’s a sound investment in the future. At the heart of the “smart” or “intelligent” building is an infrastructure of communications, security, electrical, HVAC and lighting systems operating from a single IP-enabled network. Once connected, they can be monitored or controlled through one interoperable system that’s easy to manage and maintain. Streamlining these traditionally disparate areas into a single, integrated system can translate into huge benefits for agencies in terms of cost savings, productivity and environmental impact. Graybar offers a wide range of innovative services that can help power, network, and secure intelligent buildings while saving time and money. We can provide strategic resources to deploy world-class building solutions.

Community Solutions
  • Graybar Data Center Solutions: products and solutions to upgrade, power, cool, secure and light your communication rooms
  • Graybar PowerSmart® Building System Integration: leverage the building’s computer network to control, monitor and measure the building system infrastructure on a single building management platform
  • Wireless Solutions: Graybar has the experience and resources to bring innovative wireless solutions to your building or campus
  • Technology Specialists: experts who provide the product and service solutions to network, secure and maintain your facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency
  • E‐commerce: ShopGraybar, U.S. Communities E‐Commerce Marketplace & Third Party Punch-Out / Hosted Platforms
  • Graybar SmartStock®: inventory management solutions to cut waste, reduce lead times, improve efficiencies and lower the cost of purchase orders
  • Graybar Financial Services®: competitive value added financing solutions to support facilities improvements
Core Competencies

  • Full line of telecommunications and security products

    • Data/communication
    • Networking & wireless
    • Copper/fiber cabling, connectivity & termination
    • Power backup & power protection
    • Racks, cabinets & enclosures
    • Raceway, wireway & conduits
    • Security ‐ cameras, monitoring, entrance protection, fire, intrusion
    • Paging, signaling & notification
    • Tools & other related communication commodity materials

PreFab Data Centers

Does your data center need to be able to withstand seismic, ballistic, hurricane, marine or other catastrophes? If so, consider Graybar for APC by Schneider Electric's prefab data centers. They are a data center structure within a container. This allows you to have a data center in a unique location with rapid deployment. And through Graybar you have access to the best-in-class Schneider infrastructure products. Be ready when you need to react fast to protect the people you serve.

There are four different containers available from Schneider Electric:
  • The first is the All-in-One Container that can range anywhere between 3-30 kilowatts of density. There are also multiple coolant options such as overhead but end-of-row also available as DX, CW or air economizer. It also has a patented sliding rack system with full access for hot or cold isles.

  • The second container is the cooling container complete with a chill water plant, including pumps, drives, valves and controls for Tier 2 and Tier 3 designs. It also has direct and indirect air economizer solutions, optimized for prefabricated modules. And the modules have capacity from 500-1200 kilowatts.

  • The third container is the IT container which allows for customization. It allows you to expand as many cabinets as you need for a solution.

  • The fourth design is the power container. This offers multiple IT prefabricated modules that can quickly deploy back up power to existing data centers. It has modules with capacity from 250-1200 kilowatts and includes a UPS switchboard, fire suppression, monitoring, security and cooling. Prefab data centers are important for unique locations that cannot have a traditional IT data center. Mining, government, military and oil and gas are perfect markets for a prefab data center. Watch a video about APC's PreFab Data Center Containers
For more information on our Emergency Services:

Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies-Copper & Fiber, Standard & Custom-Lower Costs & Improve Productivity

Network contractors, installers and end users, did you know:

  • Minimally compliant cable assemblies can be the weakest link in the network.
  • Downtime for U.S. data centers costs $7,900 per minute (Cabling Business Magazine, December 2013)
  • Labor costs can average as high as $750 to $1,200 for a single move-add-change. (Cabling Business Magazine, February 2008)
  • Network cabling and connectors account for 6 percent of downtime, resulting in an inestimable cost in lost business and productivity. (Cabling Business Magazine, August 2009)
  • In 2010, testing continued to show a critically high percentage of patch cord failures. (Communications Cable and Connectivity Association)

You can find Allen Tel products exclusively distributed through Graybar's online store or 260 locations. Graybar and Allen Tel have been together since 1952. Shop now.


Targeted 5% savings for agencies using traditional procurement practices
Specialized Sales Support: Dedicated to U.S. Communities participating agencies
250-plus locations provide local inventory, delivery and will-call counter service

  • Technical Specialists: Data Centers, Communications, Networking, Security
  • Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Local inventory, delivery and counter service
  • Advanced customer reporting capabilities, summary billing
  • E-Business: Graybar.Com, E-Catalog, EDI, EFT, Punch-Out, Hosted Content
  • Cross reference files, bar coding
  • Storeroom management commodity management, bin management, vendor managed inventory
  • On-Site services, Material staging, Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Customer technical training
  • Emergency services: ISO 9001:2008 Registered
Pricing & Shipping

Pricing applies to normally stocked Graybar materials. Discounts are based on Graybar List Price or Cost in effect at time of order. The majority of pricing on the Graybar contracts is based on a list less discount structure. Cost-Plus discounting is used for market sensitive commodities and lighting fixtures. Not-To-Exceed discounting is used for value added services and material with no list price in our system. Graybar cannot sell at levels above the base contract price and reserves the right to offer a lesser discount for projects, or where large quantity discounts or localized supplier negotiations are available. Pricing was established through competitive solicitation process with Los Angeles County, CA. Our Pricing Commitment through Los Angeles County and U.S. Communities agreements dictate that Graybar lead with the U.S. Communities contract first and foremost for any opportunity within the applicable government procurement segment.  Our contracts represent pricing discounts from an extensive list of best-in-class suppliers offering unique opportunities to streamline your supply chain and find innovative or integrated solutions.

  • Standard delivery policy provides customers with next day service, free of charge, for materials stocked in the local branch or service center and within the branches standard service area
  • Orders requiring same-day or expedited next-day service, non-stock items, special order or special handling and materials obtained from the manufacturer, may include shipping or handling charges. Any shipping, handling or other costs will be negotiated at time of order
Graybar Delivery Advantage:

Graybar uses our Delivery Advantage program, a mobile resource management system that tracks and documents deliveries made by Graybar drivers. Developed with customer input, the Graybar Delivery Advantage enables us to provide customers with real-time delivery status and other valuable details on incoming deliveries.
Our innovative system gives you critical details on incoming deliveries, including:

  • Exact delivery date and time
  • Electronic image of recipient signature
  • Electronic image of delivered product
  • Aerial view of delivery location

Graybar drivers gather delivery information using their mobile phones – running Xora Time Track service – while the built-in GPS tracks the driver’s location. To check on a delivery, you just contact your customer service representative for complete details.

Consolidation of Orders:

Graybar uses the order consolidation process when items for a single customer order are being obtained from various sources and are to be re-shipped as one shipment to the customer. The items are transferred to a Graybar branch location, from one or more Graybar shipping locations, for reshipment to the customer on a single Graybar invoice number. The Graybar invoice number at the receiving location may also include items from its own local inventory.  Consolidation orders may incur shipping charges. 


How do I place an order with Graybar Telecommunications?
Graybar offers many different methods for order processing. Traditional channels such as phone, fax, e-mail, and counter service. Web services such as electronic exchange: EDI, XML, and flat file. Web enabled self-service through our ShopGraybar platform along with other e-procurement punch-out, e-catalog syndications and e-procurement applications. Technology enables all of these channels and focuses on making them seamless and efficient.

Graybar supports most business processes including the full quote-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes. Overall, Graybar supports 21 transaction sets so you can be sure that we can work with you to automate many of your manual or paper-based supply chain processes.

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce total acquisition costs
  • Speed up business cycles
  • Eliminate major sources of errors
  • Support quote-to-cash process
  • Support purchase-to-pay process

ShopGraybar e-procurement:
Put the power of ShopGraybar to work and simplify your procurement of communications, networking, and security products. ShopGraybar is available to you 24/7 so you can access it in your office, at home, on the road or at the job site. Find the products you need quickly and easily and access the necessary product information to make the right decision. Searching can be done using a variety of options and refining your search allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for. Once you find the item, you can easily add it to a cart, a favorites list or a quotation request. Checking your price or availability for an item is easy and placing the order is quick. If needed, orders can be routed for approval or you can choose to pick up the order at one of our many locations. All of your orders can be tracked including the ability to get a proof of delivery regardless of how you placed the order with us. Your quotation needs are serviced on ShopGraybar including the creation of the quote, the review of the quote, the request for changes to a quote and the conversion of the quote to an order. Accounting personnel can easily retrieve invoices online and there is even a way to request a material return.

  • Procurement card / credit card management capabilities
  • All information is in real time
  • Customer-specific pricing and product availability
  • Order status
  • View/print invoices
  • Quotations – create, review, order
  • Favorites lists
  • Proof of delivery
  • Order approvals
  • Contract Price Verification
  • Detailed product information
  • Extensive search functions
  • Search refinement on product features
  • Product images, specification sheets, MSDS sheets
  • Report requests
  • User security to restrict access to specific functions

Getting Started
Website: http://www.graybar.com/industries/government/contracts/usc 
Email: uscommunities@graybar.com
Tel. No. (877) 765-8326
To order by phone, call Graybar's Customer Service and Support at 1-800-GRAYBAR (472-9227)

To order online, log in using your Graybar user id and password. To obtain a user id and password click on the "contact us to request an online account".

Strategic Contract Manager Support:
Contact: Jeff Peskuski, (630) 640 - 4905
West Region Strategic Contract Manager
Email: jeff.peskuski@graybar.com

Contact: Rob Rhoads, (202) 445 - 8992
East Region Strategic Contract Manager
Email: robert.rhoads@graybar.com

Who can participate?
Eligible agencies include: States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Special Districts, K-12 Public & Private Schools, Public & Private Colleges and Universities & Non-Profits.

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity?
Using Graybar and the U.S. Communities program assures an agency they are getting a very competitive price on any size order. Therefore, driving smaller quantity orders along with larger ones to Graybar provides the agency with maximum value for everything purchased. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the Graybar U.S. Communities program.

What are Graybar's Data / Communications & Security Advantage Solutions?

  • Targeted 5% savings for agencies using traditional procurement practices
  • Specialized Sales Support: Dedicated to U.S. Communities participating agencies
  • 250-plus locations provide local inventory, delivery and will-call counter service
  • Technical Specialists: Data Centers, Communications, Networking, Security
  • Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Local inventory, delivery and counter service
  • Advanced customer reporting capabilities, summary billing
  • E-Business: Graybar.com, E-Catalog, EDI, EFT, Punch-Out, Hosted Content
  •  Cross reference files, bar coding
  • Storeroom management commodity management, bin management, vendor managed inventory
  • On-Site services, Material staging, Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Customer technical training
  • Emergency services: ISO 9001:2008 Registered
  • Cable Cutting
  • Cable Paralleling

How does it save time and money?
The key value for the agency is resource savings. Most agencies today are spread thinner than ever. The Graybar U.S. Communities program provides a mechanism to save the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing bids. The time savings allow the department to accomplish its work tasks more efficiently with the personnel on hand.

How can my agency become a participating U.S. Communities member?
Click on the Register button on the U.S. Communities website and complete the quick and easy registration process.

How can Graybar assist with your data/communication and security needs?
Graybar’s communication/security suppliers and products provide the voice, data, video and control networks we are all accustomed to and rely on every day. Graybar is the vital link in the supply chain helping the government customer power, network and secure their factories, campuses and facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. Following our core values of teamwork, reliability and resourcefulness, Graybar works to the advantage of the government customer by anticipating and identifying their needs and providing them with cost-effective solutions to implement for their locations.

Why choose Graybar for the products you need?
Graybar is also the channel of choice for the leading manufacturers in the communication market. Together we provide cost-effective and efficient ways to bring products, services and solutions to the marketplace. We represent only the industry leaders who manufacturer the highest quality, standard compliant products. Our relationship with communication product manufacturers is unique as we utilize leading-edge information technology and logistics capabilities to raise the bar on performance and value for our government customers.

What separates Graybar from the competition?
Graybar's talented, resourceful and reliable employees work to the advantage of our government customers by providing a wide variety of skills and services. Highly-trained account managers, Network System Specialists and specialized sales representatives are available to provide project planning, design consultation, project management services and training programs. Graybar maintains inventory and ships the most common communication products through an extensive network of more than 250 Graybar branches throughout North America. This network is backed up with a very large regional zone warehouse network providing depth of common project materials as well as rare slower-moving items also available for immediate delivery. Graybar prides itself in providing Just-In-Time Delivery to meet the expectations of our customers.

(Automation & Control / IP Devices / Security / Voice / Data Centers)
Graybar provides the IP backbone and networked products that drive energy management and efficiencies, building automation and intelligence, voice, wireless security, and monitoring. We offer a comprehensive data center solution portfolio, and work with our strategic manufacturers to deliver unmatched value.

Manufacturer Partners

Key Suppliers:

  • Allen Tel
  • APC
  • Berk-Tek
  • Chatsworth
  • CommScope
  • Cooper Notification
  • Corning Cable Systems
  • Cortelco
  • Ditek Corporation
  • D-Link
  • Federal Signal
  • Great Lakes Case & Cabinet
  • IMC Networks
  • Liebert
  • Mohawk
  • Ortronics
  • Panduit
  • Pelco
  • Plantronics
  • Siemon Company
  • Superior Essex
  • SureCall
  • Transition Networks
  • Tripp Lite
  • Tyco (AMP)
Powered Fiber

CommScope Powered Fiber Cable System

The Powered Fiber Cable System improves speed and simplifies installation, powering, and communication of network devices – at 30x the distance of traditional CAT cable systems!

The Powered Fiber Cable System:

  • Eliminates local power sources
  • Greatly speeds up planning by eliminating DC electrical calculations for voltage/power drop over varying distances
  • Handles up to 32 devices simultaneously from one power supply
  • Contains carrier grade electrical protection
  • Is NEC Class II and SELV compliant
  • Allows for placing devices exactly where they are needed to maximize coverage

Powered Fiber Cable System Brochure
Powered Fiber Case Study Jade Communications
Powered Fiber Cable System FAQ
Power Play for Small Cells White Paper

Powered Fiber Cable System

Copper & Fiber

Allen Tel Fiber Optic Connectivity

The weakest link in an optical fiber network is often a minimally compliant jumper. Allen Tel tests 100% of our jumpers and ships them with dust covers - because you cannot afford costly downtime and troubleshooting. With the simple installation practice of ensuring that the connector ends remain clean or are cleaned properly whenever signal loss is detected, Allen Tel fiber connectivity provides the most cost-effective installation.

Installers of communication networks have discovered many benefits of optical fiber systems. Fiber is utilized everywhere and supports not only LAN backbones and industrial networks, but also telephones and cell phones, CATV, security cameras, etc. Optical fiber is often the most cost-effective means of transporting high bandwidth information.

  • Bandwidth: Fiber links offer more than 1,000 times more bandwidth than copper.
  • Distance and performance: Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling standards (EIA/TIA 568) call for 90 meters (295 feet) of permanently installed copper cable and 10 meters (33 feet) of patch cords. Fiber can often support links of up to 300 meters, error-free, even at high data rates.
  • Security: An increasing need for security drives more demand for fiber. Government applications have long required optical fiber because it is more difficult to tap than copper.
  • Safety: Optical fiber does not conduct electricity and is immune to lighting and current surges which can damage sensitive equipment or pose threats of electrocution, fire or sparking.
  • Longevity: Superior bandwidth does not require frequent upgrades to fiber networks. Also, fiber runs have little risk of being damaged by harsh elements, such as water, chemicals, heat and corrosion. 
  • Cost: Fiber is often easier to install than UTP, which is often subject to more stringent and time-consuming installation practices for cable-pulling and termination.

Allen Tel's fiber connectivity solution includes hundreds of jumper configurations, wall- and rack-mount cabinets, adapter modules and work-station outlets. Allen Tel meets the demands of your enterprise networks - today and tomorrow!


Looking for a consultative approach to make your building smarter? Find out how in this Graybar PowerSmart video.


Need to update your security? Pelco by Schneider Electric and Graybar can assist with your security purchasing needs. Download the Spectra Enhanced Series Product Sheet.