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Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security

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Graybar is a leading distributor of data/communication, networking, wireless, security, electrical and lighting products. Our U.S. Communities contract lowers your overall project and purchasing costs, while providing the quality of service and expertise customers expect from Graybar. 

National footprint and extensive sales coverage enables Graybar to provide first-rate service.
  • Graybar operates more than 290 locations throughout the continental U.S.
  • Over 4,000 of our associates actively work in support of participating public agencies each year - from locations right down the street.
Putting the right inventory in the right places with a customer-focused logistics and inventory strategy
  • With over $500 million in inventory, material is available when and where our U.S. Communities customers need it.
  • Graybar operates a centralized Call Center to support our State/Local Government and Education customers. Call Center agents assist customers on a regional basis and support order requests through local branch or service center inventory.
Why Choose Graybar?

Graybar works to your advantage



It is Graybar's corporate commitment to make our U.S. Communities contract the most cost-effective and efficient option for public agencies utilizing Graybar products and services. 


The U.S. Communities program offers our best overall value to a state and local government agency. Our experience has shown we typically save an agency 5% or more on their total spend when compared to the agency's existing strategy.

With contract EV2370, we have extended the Volume Incentive Program (details found in Master Agreement Appendix C). This will allow the City of Kansas City and all other U.S. Communities participating agencies to potentially receive additional value through utilization of the program.


We have worked with key Graybar suppliers to negotiate reduced costs wherever possible on frequently purchased items in the core list provided. For items frequently purchased by multiple agencies, our proposal targets 5 - 10% savings to the participants assuming a consistent mix of product purchases.


Customized service and personal integrity are the foundations upon which Graybar builds the trusting, long-term relationships required in today's business environment. With over 2,000 customer service and sales representatives, Graybar is able to service U.S. Communities customers across North America.


An alliance with Graybar will result in a "strategic partner" that is focused on administrating a contractually compliant program that will reduce U.S. Communities participants overall material acquisition costs.


Our proven reliability means that you can count on Graybar to deliver continuity of operations no matter what the circumstances. The scalability inherent in our approach will enable us to provide seamless service. 


Graybar Electrical Products and Services Offered

(please reference EV2370 Appendix B-1, & C for Pricing/Cost details)

  • Electrical: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale electrical supplies such as, but not limited to:

    • Conduit, Wire, Boxes, Fittings, Devices, Enclosures, Fuses, Power Distribution and Control and Related General Electrical Materials

  • Lighting: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale lighting products such as, but not limited to:

    • Lamps, Ballasts, Fixtures, Controls, all related Lighting and LED Products

  • Related Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) and Other Products: A complete and comprehensive offering of related wholesale MRO and other products to support agency specific needs

  • Value Added Services: A complete and comprehensive offering of value added services to support products submitted in vendor's proposal. Services may include, but not limited to: assessment, repair, renovation, installation, testing, inventory, emergency, training and other related services that may be offered by Supplier

Graybar Communication/Security Products and Services Offered

(please reference EV2370 B-2, & C for Pricing/Cost details)

  • Data / Communication, Networking & Wireless: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale data / communication, networking and wireless supplies such as, but not limited to:

    • Networking & Wireless, Copper/Fiber Cabling, Connectivity and Termination, Power Backup & Power Protection, Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures, Raceway, and Wire-Way

  • Security: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale security products such as, but not limited to:

    • Cameras, Monitoring, Entrance Protection, Fire, and Intrusion

  • Related Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) and Other Products: A complete and comprehensive offering of related wholesale MRO and other products to support agency specific needs

  • Value Added Services: A complete and comprehensive offering of value added services to support products submitted in vendor's proposal. Services may include, but not limited to: assessment, repair, renovation, installation, testing, inventory, emergency, training and other related services that may be offered by Supplier
Comprehensive Service Offering

Services Offered
(please reference EV2370 Appendix C for Pricing/Cost details)

Graybar can provide services to support the design and installation of any project using products sold through the contract.

  • Services include but are not be limited to:

    • Assessment, Engineering to support contract products, Analysis, RetroFit, Installation, Repair, Emergency and Integrated Services to support the products we distribute through our contracts.

  • Typical projects under the contract include:

    • Lighting & LED, Energy Management & Power Distribution, Start-Up & Commissioning, Repair & Retrofit, Test & Certification, Power Conditioning & Back-Up, Data Center & Technology Upgrades, Security, Wireless, Systems Integration & Testing.

  • Services will be provided through established relationships we have with existing suppliers, contractors, integrators or agency preferred companies. 
  • Costing for these services are set at a Not to Exceed Cost Plus 26%.
  • Pricing will be determined by the size and scope of the project and level of Graybar's involvement.
  • For auditability purposes, Graybar will provide a copy of invoice to verify compliance with the Not To Exceed benchmark and all pricing will be negotiated with the agency prior to acceptance of purchase order.

      Pricing & Shipping


      • The Graybar U.S. Communities pricing applies to normally stocked Graybar materials.
      • Discounts are based on Graybar List Price or Cost in effect at time of order. The majority of pricing on the Graybar contracts is based on a list less discount structure.
      • Cost-Plus discounting is used for market sensitive commodities and lighting fixtures.
      • Not-To-Exceed discounting is used for value added services and material with no list price in our system.
      • Graybar cannot sell at levels above the base contract price and reserves the right to offer a lesser discount for projects, or where large quantity discounts or localized supplier negotiations are available.


      • Next day service is free of charge for materials stocked in the branch and within the standard service area
      • Orders requiring same-day or expedited next-day service, non-stock items, special order or special handling and materials obtained from other Graybar warehouses or manufacturers, may include shipping or handling charges. Any shipping, handling or other costs will be negotiated at time of order
      • Next-Day Delivery: Graybar's Delivery Advantage tracks and documents deliveries which enables us to provide customers with real-time delivery status and other valuable details on incoming deliveries. Our innovative system gives you critical details on incoming deliveries, including:

        • Exact delivery date and time
        • Electronic image of recipient signature
        • Electronic image of delivered product
        • Aerial view of delivery location

      Consolidation of Orders

      Graybar uses the order consolidation process when items for a single customer order are being obtained from various sources and are to be re-shipped as one shipment to the customer. 


      Does the pricing meet competitive bid requirements? 
      Through cooperative purchasing laws, the U.S. Communities contract, by virtue of its public bid language, generally meets the requirements for bidding in the entire United States. This allows agencies to use the pricing without taking the time to create bid documents, entertain multiple vendor inquiries and document the bids. Placing the order through Graybar allows them to utilize a quality vendor repetitively without the cost of using unknown or less reliable vendors. View State Statutes for more details.

      Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity?
      There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the Graybar U.S. Communities program.

      Is the pricing from a local government competitively solicited agreement?
      The U.S. Communities pricing is the same pricing used to win the City of Kansas City, MO, EV2370 contract for Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security Products and Related Products, Services and Solutions. 

      How does it save time and money?
      The key value for the agency is resource savings. Most agencies today are spread thinner than ever. Agencies are downsizing administrative departments and retiring or departing purchasing and maintenance positions are left unfilled. The Graybar U.S. Communities contract provides a mechanism to save the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing bids. 

      How can my agency become a participating U.S. Communities member?
      Click on the Register link at www.uscommunities.org/register and complete the quick and easy registration process.

      Graybar Contacts:

      Rob Rhoads | Strategic Contract Manager
      Graybar East Districts
      Mobile (202) 445-8992

      Jeff Peskuski | Strategic Contract Manager
      Graybar West Districts
      Mobile (630) 640-4905

      Manufacturer Partners

      Key Electrical Suppliers

      • 3M
      • Acuity Lighting
      • Allied Tube & Conduit
      • Burndy
      • Eaton's B-Line Business
      • Eaton's Bussmann Business
      • Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Business
      • Eaton's Cooper Lighting
      • Eaton Companies
      • Erico / Caddy
      • Fluke
      • GE Lighting and Solutions
      • General Cable / Carol Brand
      • Greenlee
      • Hoffman
      • Hubbell Inc
      • Ideal
      • Intermatic
      • Klein
      • Legrand
      • Leviton
      • Lutron
      • Milwaukee
      • Panduit
      • Phillips Lighting / Advance
      • Rayovac
      • Schneider / Square D
      • Schneider Electric
      • STI Corp
      • Thomas & Betts
      • VERTIV - Liebert, Avocent & GEIST
      • Watt Stopper
      • Wiremold

      Key Communication/Security Suppliers

      • Allen Tel
      • APC
      • Berk-Tek
      • Chatsworth
      • CommScope
      • Cooper Notification
      • Corning Cable Systems
      • Cortelco
      • Ditek Corporation
      • D-Link
      • Federal Signal
      • Great Lakes Case & Cabinet
      • IMC Networks
      • Mohawk
      • Ortronics
      • Panduit
      • Pelco
      • Plantronics
      • Siemon Company
      • Superior Essex
      • SureCall
      • Transition Networks
      • Tripp Lite
      • Tyco (AMP)
      • VERTIV - Liebert, Avocent & GEIST
      Emergency Preparedness

      When disaster strikes be prepared with Graybar

      Rely on Graybar for electrical preparedness to keep your IT department supported and your basic uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems up and running. And Graybar has the depth to respond to emergency power issues through APC by Schneider Electric when maximum availability and guaranteed up-time are non-negotiable.