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What could you do with a team of 5,000 behind you? That’s what you have when you depend on HD Supply Facilities Maintenance as your single-source supplier of facility maintenance products and Property Improvement Services. For more than 40 years, we’ve worked to bring the best products, fulfillment, service, and support to our customers. Our experience makes us a leader in facility maintenance, and we pass that expertise on to you. Whether you’re maintaining your facility, managing your agency’s operations, or modernizing your interiors, we can help. Take advantage of our reputation, reliability, and industry knowledge.

The U.S. Communities contract provides you with free delivery within the continental U.S. and most orders are delivered next-day.

We are your single-source supplier with over 70,000 MRO products in stock—plumbing, HVAC, electrical, lighting, hardware, tools, janitorial and more. Plus, we offer a wide selection of environmentally preferable and Made in USA products.

A dedicated government support team and a government call center are ready to serve you. Trust HD Supply to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Why HD Supply?

Put the Strength of HD Supply to Work for You

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is an industry leader committed to delivering high-quality, competitively priced products and expert support. Our dedicated team makes procurement easier for federal, state, and local government professionals and helps keep you in compliance with purchasing requirements. Visit hdsupplysolutions.com/usc for contract details.

  • Field sales specialists help you use purchasing dollars efficiently
  • Dedicated customer contact center
  • Compliance and Contracts team helps you meet your transparency and oversight goals
  • e-Commerce and e-Procurement solutions for easy ordering
  • Professional training and certification classes available

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance can help save you time and money. Benefits of the competitively-awarded MRO contract include:

  • Discounts on more than 70,000 MRO and property management products
  • Firm, fixed contract pricing on all stock items (excludes refrigerants)
  • Firm, fixed discount on all Extended Inventory items, which are clearly marked in our catalog and online with this icon
  • Discounts by product category at 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% off list price 
  • Competitively awarded labor services
  • Tiered customer rebate based on agency's annual purchases. Rebates paid annually, based on total customer purchases during the fiscal year, which typically begins in February.
  • Early pay invoice discount of 2% 10 days, Net 30 days is available to participating agencies using HD Supply credit accounts.*
  • Free delivery in the continental US
  • Next day deliveries on most orders to most areas
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Eliminates the need for multiple bids—contract meets most competitive bid requirements

*U.S. Communities accounts are set up with Net 30 payment terms. Agencies must opt-in to receive 2% 10 day, Net 30 day payment terms by contacting Account Services at fmaccountservices@hdsupply.com. 

Products & Services

HD Supply has over 70,000 products in our core merchandise assortment across categories including:

  • Appliances
  • Cabinets & Countertops
  • Doors & Molding
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Grounds
  • Hardware
  • HVAC
  • Janitorial & Cleaning
  • Lighting (Bulbs & Fixtures)
  • Paint & Supplies
  • Plumbing & Water Heaters
  • Pool Supplies
  • Safety
  • Signage & Property Marketing
  • Storage
  • Tools
  • Window Coverings

We also offer a number of valuable services to our customers, including:

  • Installation ServicesWe provide contracting and labor services for all your interior renovations, as well as installation of HVAC, flooring, lighting, and much more.
  • Renovations projects, including cabinets and countertops; electrical, HVAC, appliances, and plumbing; Doors, blinds, and window coverings; paint and flooring. HD Supply helps with product specifications and deadlines, project organization, inventory management, and budget control free of charge. Installation and labor services are available in select markets
  • Appliance Delivery & Haul Away
  • Student Turns support, including project management and labor
  • REAC Inspection Preparedness for Housing Authorities
  • Ideallygreen environmentally preferable products
  • Made in the USA and ADA-compliant
  • Custom fabrication of cabinets & countertops, window coverings & screens
  • Technical training and certification classes for maintenance technicians — at both basic and advanced skill levels. Some classes may not be available in all areas.
  • Detailed purchase reports promoting compliance, transparency and oversight
Property Improvement

Property Improvement Made Easy

Put the strength of HD Supply behind your next property improvement project, like student housing or housing authority renovations. Whether you are simply updating or fully renovating your facility, we deliver everything you need to make the job easier and stress-free. Team up with us and you’ll get much more than just a reliable, single-source supplier. From planning to completion, you’ll receive individual support and services to help you manage product procurement, deliveries, pricing, and more.

Project Management

  • Receive personalized on-site service from your renovation sales coordinator*
  • Get off-site support from your assigned property improvement specialist
  • Receive help with selection, forecasting, and scheduling deliveries of product
  • Access our deep inventory of core renovation products

Save Time and Money with Our Kitting Service

HD Supply’s kitting service is designed to make government facility and housing renovations easier and minimize downtime. Based on your specifications and budget, we create customized packages with all the products you need for each unit, then deliver the kits right to your door. Each kit is labeled with your specific unit number for easy delivery and setup.

Budget Management

  • Receive estimated job costs with per-unit and project-based pricing
  • Obtain a credit program tailored to your project
  • Save money with our volume discounts

Labor & Installation Services

  • Take advantage of contracting/labor services for cabinets, countertops, lighting, and more*
  • Have the ability to comply with the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wage provisions
  • Use RSMeans costing data to estimate and price renovation projects*
  • Receive competitively awarded labor services available through U.S. Communities
  • Fixed pricing for basic installations
  • Custom installation pricing established through RSMeans construction cost data

*Available in select markets. Please call for availability.

Learn More

Student Housing

Student Housing Turns season can be the busiest time of year. Maintenance teams have to inspect units from floor to ceiling and corner to corner, make repairs, and install replacement items before students return.

HD Supply is your solution for procuring the supplies you need when you need them.

  • Bathroom - Avoid big bathroom repairs by prepping bathrooms and plumbing during turns season.
  • Kitchen - Student housing kitchens can be easily updated and refreshed with the right repair and replacement options.
  • Bedroom - Student housing bedrooms will need maintenance attention that require a number of tools and products.
  • General Maintenance - Turning individual units is only part of the job. HD Supply has all you need to repair and update common areas in and around the building, including stairwells, hallways, lobbies, and more.

Use our Student Turns Checklist to make the turns process faster, easier, and more efficient.

If you plan to renovate or upgrade your property, we can help you with projects of any size, from a small common-room refresh to full dorm and apartment remodels.

We offer products and services that are competitively awarded through our U.S. Communities contract. See our Property Improvement page for details.


Upgrading your flooring can boost your bottom line saving on maintenance costs and increasing ROI. Learn more about flooring options available for your facility. See the HD Supply’s Flooring Guide for all things flooring. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great alternative to carpet, stone, tile, and wood flooring. Available as vinyl tiles, planks, or sheets, vinyl flooring is a popular choice for commercial and residential properties because it is affordable, durable, and easy to install and maintain. 

Vinyl Comparison Chart 

Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles are known for being resilient, long-lasting, stain-resistant and are a great alternative to roll carpeting. They are easy to install and maintain. In the case of damage or staining, you can simply replace one carpet square rather than the entire room.

Carpet Comparison Chart

Green Flooring

Green flooring is a sustainable or eco-friendly option, typically made from materials that have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to help indoor air quality, and contain recycled or recyclable material for a smaller carbon footprint.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile floors are easy to clean, long-lasting, with colors that don't fade. They require minimal maintenance and are a good choice for those who need hypoallergenic environments. 


Contact us today to get started on your flooring project! 

Property & Grounds

Ground Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance

It takes just seconds for potential residents and guests to make a judgment about your property. Always make a good first impression with beautifully landscaped areas and well-maintained grounds that create attractive and inviting curb appeal. Learn about:

  • Fertilizers and Spreaders
  • Weed Control
  • Power Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Irrigation
  • Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Landscaping Maintenance Guide

Pet Waste Control

Prevent pet waste from piling up and littering your grounds. Keep pets and their owners happy with well-placed pet amenities for any size property.

Pet-Friendly Properties Products & Tips

Grounds Improvement

Sign and Posts

Whether you want to identify interior areas, posts, property rules, or control traffic there’s a sign with your words on it – or you can create your own design.
Custom Signs Buying Guide

Grounds Management Guide

Recreation Areas

Make outdoor areas more enjoyable with comfortable, appealing benches along walking trails. Install grills and picnic tables in common areas. Add maintenance-free chairs and umbrellas to pool and recreation spaces. All are cost-effective additions that pay dividends for years to come.

Parking Lots

Outdoor Paint

Maintain a great looking property by keeping parking lots, pools/spa areas, and playground equipment freshly painted and looking like new. Use these tips to easily refresh your property.

Outdoor Painting Projects Guide

Parking Products

Unauthorized vehicles on your property are not only a nuisance, they are a liability too. Use a parking permit system to help protect your facility and get control over your parking lots.

Parking Permit Products & Tips


How do I place an order with HD Supply?
Once you have registered with U.S. Communities, you can set up your HD Supply Facilities Maintenance account.

First Time Users: New Account Set Up Instructions

  • Go to hdsupplysolutions.com/usc and click on “Sign up”.
  • Complete the PDF form and click "Submit" at the bottom of the form to email it to Account Services. Or print the completed form and fax to 1-800-283-8883.
  • Be prepared to supply your Tax Exempt Certification (if applicable).
  • Or call 1-877-610-6912, 4:00 AM - 6:00 PM (PST).

    • Account Services will set up your account and provide you with an account number. Use this number to then set up your online username and password to ensure you receive U.S. Communities participant pricing.

Not sure if you have already established an account?
Please call 1-877-610-6912, 4AM - 6PM (PST)

If my agency already has an account with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, do I need to set up a new account? 
No. Contact your HD Supply Facilities Maintenance Account Manager (or call 1-877-610-6912) to have the U.S. Communities program linked to your existing account. 

Who can participate?

  • Housing authorities
  • State, city, and local government
  • Colleges and universities
  • Schools pre-K through grade 12
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Special districts

How does it save time and money?
Most agencies today are spread too thin. The U.S. Communities contract saves the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing bids - giving you and your staff more time to accomplish your daily work.

Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for and emergency with HD Supply.

Disasters can happen anytime and without warning. HD Supply can help you prepare for a wide variety of emergencies, from hurricanes to summer heat waves, to winter storms and zombie invasions. Our Emergency Preparedness resources include guides that help you prepare for different scenarios, respond to emergencies or developing storms, and recover after the event to get your facility back to normal. Develop an emergency plan for your business and keep an emergency kit on hand that includes basics like, water, flashlights, and first aid supplies. Prepare now to protect your organization, your employees, guests, and residents.