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  • Fax: 888-777-3582

Herc Rentals Overview

As Herc Rentals consistently evolves, we still stand strong on our commitment to provide the highest quality products and absolute excellence in service to each and every customer. Our goal is to build lasting customer relationships and, ultimately, to be the equipment rental company of choice in every market served. Since 1965, Herc Rentals has been highly successful at developing rental programs by listening to customers and anticipating their needs. With a network of 260 locations covering the United States and Canada, we offer a consistent and reliable service no matter which location you choose. 

The Herc Rentals fleet is one of the strongest in the industry. Our product line includes everything from small hand held tools to large earthmoving equipment. We also offer additional services and solutions such as on-line account access, safety training, specialty services such as power generation, pumps and climate control and unique programs to meet your companies fleet management needs.

There are several advantages for public agencies to rent rather than own. Get a better understanding of the Benefits of Renting vs Owning.

New Features/Benefits:

  • Special Pricing Based on Commitment: Pricing designed to provide increased savings based on the level of commitment from agencies
  • Aerial & Forklift Safety Training: Safety training now available to individuals and groups within your organization
  • Standby Contracts for Power Generation and Disaster Relief: Services available to make sure your community is ready in case of emergency providing peace of mind
  • New and Used Equipment Sales: The security that Herc Rentals can assist you with multiple purchase options
  • Climate Control Equipment with Portable Air Conditioning, Chillers, Spot Coolers and Heaters

“Due to inclement weather, we haven’t had power at our Charlestown Elementary School or our school bus garage since last Wednesday. We also haven’t had school since last Tuesday due to the snow so everyone wanted us to open. On Friday, when it appeared that we may not get our power back by Monday, Rich Krumrine, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, suggested we call Herc Rentals and see what they could do under the U.S. Communities contract. Over the weekend, they delivered a large generator for the school and a smaller one for our bus garage so that we could have school today. For a contract that I didn’t think we were big enough to use, they really bailed us out today.” 

Chuck Linderman, Director of Business Affairs, Great Valley School District
Malvern, PA 

  • Benefits of Renting vs Owning
  • Special Pricing Based on Commitment
  • Short Term – Day and Week
  • Long Term – Month and Year
  • 30 Day Billing Cycle
  • Delivery and Pick Up of Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fix or Replace Down Equipment
  • 24/7 Support for All New and Current Rentals
  • Local Representation With National Support
  • Most Competitive Rental Rates
  • Low Transportation Charges
  • Capped Repair Parts Mark Up
  • Streamlined Administrative Costs
  • Aerial and Forklift Safety Training
  • Standby Contracts for Power Generation and Disaster Relief
  • New and Used Equipment Sales
Pricing & Shipping

Savings vary by equipment type but on average they range from 15% to 55%.

Shipping varies based on items being rented – please contact local branch.


How do I place an order with Herc Rentals?
To utilize the contract between U.S. Communities and Herc Rentals, you must have a U.S. Communities specific account set up with Herc Rentals.
3 easy ways to order:

  1. By Phone: Contact our Central Reservation Center at 888-777-3500 to place an order or contact your local branch.
  2. By E-mail: e-mail us at uscommunities@hertz.com and we will have someone call you back within 24 hours to handle your request.
  3. Online: Log on the Herc Rentals website using your U.S. Communities account information. This requires you to have an e-SP account with Herc Rentals.

Other Information:

  • Your U.S. Communities specific Herc Rentals account number.
  • Job location - where you need the rental.
  • When you need the rental.
  • Type of equipment you are looking to order or type of job you need completed.
  • Your contact information.

Who can participate?
States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Non-Profits and Special Districts.

Does my agency need to be a member of ASBO, NACo, USCM, NIGP or NLC to participate?
No. Any qualified agency can participate in the program.

My state requires local governments to bid everything. Can local governments in my state use this program without going out to bid?
This contract has been competitively bid by a government agency. Through the Joint Powers Authority or an inter-local agreement, local governments can "piggy-back" this competitively bid contract through U.S. Communities. See state by state laws on intergovernmental purchasing.

What does a government agency need to do in order to participate?
Complete the free online registration found on the U.S. Communities website. During the registration process, you will be asked to mark suppliers you are interested in. The suppliers that you select will contact you with detailed pricing and ordering information.

Can more than one person at my agency register?
Yes, additional users can register by completing the standard registration process; the system will automatically unify all registrations that use the same TIN under one agency account. Alternately, existing users can add new users from within their account.

Is there a fee associated with joining U.S. Communities?
No, there are no costs or user fees to register.

If my agency already has an account with Herc Rentals, do I need to set up a new account?
No. Contact your Herc Rentals Account Manager to have the U.S. Communities program linked to your existing account.

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity?
Using Herc Rentals and the U.S. Communities program assures an agency they are getting a very competitive price on any size order. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the Herc Rentals U.S. Communities program.

How does it save time and money?
The key value for the agency is resource savings. On average, U.S. Communities participating agencies will save 5% over traditional procurement practices. Most agencies today are spread too thin. Agencies are downsizing administrative departments, and retiring or departing purchasing and maintenance positions are left unfilled. The U.S. Communities program provides a mechanism to save the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing bids. The time savings allow the department to accomplish its work tasks more efficiently with the personnel on hand.

Can we buy any make and model of equipment type new?
No, we have agreements with specific manufacturers on the purchase of new equipment. A list can be provided upon request.

Is there any discount on the purchase of equipment?
Yes, specific discounts have been pre-negotiated on new and used equipment.

What is Equipment Safe Operation Training and where is it held? 
Equipment Safe Operation Training primary focus is to train operators on the proper use and safe operation of fork-lifts and aerial equipment. The training is broken up into two parts. Part 1 is classroom learning with a test to ensure understanding and Part 2 is hands-on physical machine training. The training is done on the customers’ site with Herc rented equipment and requires a classroom (job trailer or break room) and an open, safe and flat area where the machine can be operated.

What are standby contracts and how do they work?
Standby contracts are typically used in emergency response contract scenarios. Stand by applies to the hyperactive customer that rents equipment for specific duration of time at a reduced rate. This guarantees the customer availability during an emergency. The most common scope stand by contract are used is during times when disaster occurs on a more common basis (i.e. Hurricane Season).

Community Solutions
Community Solutions

Specialty Solutions Including:

  1. Portable Power and Energy Solutions and Distribution Products
  2. Power Distribution Products
  3. Standby Contracts For Power Generation and Disaster Relief
  4. Product Safety Training; Aerial and Fork-Lift Operational Training
  5. Aerial Fleet Services
  6. Telematics – Real-Time Logistics on Your Equipment
  7. Fleet Management, On- and Off-Site
  8. Specialty Pump/Compressor Equipment and Allocations
  9. Climate Control - Heating and cooling solutions
Core Competencies

The Right Equipment for the Job:  

  • Hundreds Of Makes And Models From Trust Manufacturers
  • Rentals That Fit Your Time Frame And Budget
  • Daily, Weekly And Monthly Rates
  • 24/7 Service

Full line of Rental Equipment Including:

  • Aerial Lifts; Scissor, Personnel and Boom Lifts
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Air Compressor and Tools
  • Earthmoving
  • Material Handling
  • Compaction
  • Generator and Light Towers
  • Pumps
  • Climate Control; Air Conditioners, Chillers and Heaters

Knowledgeable Staff and Support Teams

  • Local Sales Team to Meet Your Daily Needs
  • Regional and Corporate Support
  • Government Program Managers to Support Overall Program
  • Branch Staff to Meet Operation Needs
  • Field Service for Maintenance and Repairs Available 24/7
Truck Rental

Herc Rentals is the only source you will need for a wide variety of quality trucks ready for rent. Choose from various bed lengths, capacities, cab configurations, tow packages, and special equipment including tool boxes and lumber racks. No matter what you need to transport; a truck rental from Herc will help get the job done.

Some additional features include:

  • Installed Telematics to track truck location & usage
  • Access to real-time reports to monitor fleet usage
  • Fully maintained, reliable trucks that you can depend on
  • Emergency road side assistance is available 24 hours a day
Summer Cooling Solutions

With unrivaled equipment expertise and 24/7 response to your emergencies, Herc Rentals has the gear and know-how needed to keep your workers cool all summer long. Spot Coolers can be used in large or small areas for all your cooling needs. When you’re in need of temporary cooling, spot coolers are a powerful and portable solution.

Climate Pro

Portable A/C
1-12 Ton Units

Portable air conditioners can be used in large or small areas for all your cooling or heating needs. These units allow you to cool or heat targeted areas - representing substantial energy savings in comparison to central air.

Air Conditioners
5-80 Ton Units

Air conditioners provide cooling, heating, dehumidification, 100% return air or 100% outside air operations. These units feature large cooling and heating capacities and VFD speed control high-static evaporator fans. User friendly temperature controls, convenient electrical / ductwork connections that offers flexible operations for a variety of different applications.

5-80 Ton Units

Chilled Water Air Handlers are designed to provide large volume cooling with an economical footprint and quiet sound level. Used in conjunction with a chilled water source, the units provide variable cooling capacity with an integrated variable speed drive. Designed for ultra-quick connection of ducting.

Emergency Response

Right Gear. Right People. Right Time. Right Now.

Herc Rentals specializes in getting you back up and running after disaster strikes. Our specialized fleet of pump, power, dehumidification, and drying equipment is at the ready and can be deployed quickly to impacted areas.

- Pumps
- Power Generation
- Dehumidification (LGR & Desiccant)
- Debris Removal
- Drying Equipment
- Air Quality Control

Expertise that Extends Beyond Just Equipment

Our disaster recovery capability isn’t limited to just providing the equipment. Herc Rentals also has a fully trained force of remediation and recovery experts available 24/7. These teams, strategically located throughout North America, can be mobilized quickly and efficiently.

Instant Response Remediation Vehicle

Herc Rentals’ instant response vehicle is loaded with the right equipment for all of your remediation, restoration, and portable cooling needs. Let us deliver your complete package.

Climate & Remediation Center

Our fully dedicated facilities allow Herc Rentals to react quickly and efficiently with specialized equipment and on-location experts to provide support for water or climate-related remediation stemming from natural disasters, extreme environmental conditions or similar catastrophic events. The centers provide a single source of gear for remediation and restoration, cleaning and repair projects.


Hertz Equipment Rental has officially become Herc Rentals. Click here for contract details. 

Hurricane Irma Response Team

Building Towards the Future

When air conditioning broke down this past July, the cooperative purchasing agreement with Herc Rentals helped to expedite a solution to keep shelter animals comfortable and provided the shelter with piece of mind in an emergency situation. Read the full article.