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When you work with Herman Miller, you get a lot more than furniture. We design and develop solutions for workplaces that foster greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

For over 100 years, we've brought our insights on work and the workplace-as well as our emphasis on research, design, quality, innovation, and the environment-into our partnerships with customers. Together with our subsidiaries Nemschoff, Geiger, and naughtone, we provide a wide range of solutions for your workplace. Whether your world is an office, a school, or a hospital-Herman Miller works hard to create a better world around you.


Herman Miller and U.S. Communities provide the benefits of competitively bid, non-exclusive contracts. You'll get the best government pricing and simplified procurement. There is no cost to participate and the tedious bid process is eliminated. Best government price guarantee.

  • No cost to participate
  • No purchase minimums
  • Competitively bid, non-exclusive contracts
  • Buy without going to bid

You will get industry leading products from Herman Miller and its subsidiaries Nemschoff, Geiger, and naughtone, along with a dedicated government dealer network specifically trained to support and assist you throughout the procurement process.

  • Tiered pricing for every product line; up to 40-70% discount off current list pricing.
  • Extensive, sustainably designed furniture portfolio to help achieve your organization's sustainability goals.
  • Ergonomically designed seating that perfectly supports the people sitting on them, so they can focus on what they need to do.
  • Ongoing research into the trends and issues facing your business that helps you keep your organization on the cutting edge.
  • Our rePurpose program helps you give new life to things your organization no longer needs. Your furniture-or whatever asset you need to dispose of-goes to deserving nonprofits in your backyard and around the world, which lets them focus scarce funds on their mission.
  • The best warranty in the business: 12 years, no shift restrictions, includes labor on Herman Miller products.
New Products

Verus Chairs

Redefining what an affordable work chair should be, Verus is a family of seating solutions that offers long- and short-term comfort and proper ergonomic support at an attainable price.

Herman Miller's patented PostureFit sacral support is standard in Verus and keeps the spine properly aligned. Optional height-adjustable lumbar support provides an added level of spinal support and comfort in the back's lumbar region.

Verus has a quiet aesthetic that lends itself to nearly any workplace design. Upholster the chair in a broad range of material options-including vibrant colors, sophisticated neutrals, and statement patterns-that span varying price points. For additional customization, each chair model is available with a fully upholstered or a suspension back.

The ergonomic comfort and attainable price of the Verus Chair also can be found in the Verus Stool and Side Chair. The work chairs, side chairs, and stools all feature an upholstered seat with the choice of either a suspension or upholstered back.

Warranty 12-year, 3-shift

Aeron Stool

The new Aeron Stool takes Herman Miller's iconic chair to greater heights, pairing with higher work surfaces, tables, and countertops. While the stool's iconic form has remained largely unchanged, it's been remastered to meet the needs of today's work. The stool offers the same ergonomic excellence as the new Aeron Chair, including adjustable PostureFit SL and the comprehensive support of 8Z Pellicle suspension material.

A larger, 2.5"-wide footrest platform provides three times more surface area for your feet than the typical footring. It reduces pressure and increases comfort, and the non-slip treads offer added stability. When you adjust the seat height, the footrest moves with the seat so that you don't have to worry about having to readjust the footrest height as well. Together with the enhancements below, the new Aeron Stool performs better than ever before.

Intuitive Adjustments: Intuitive new controls that require less turning, twisting, and time spent making adjustments.

Cylinder Choices: Specify one of two cylinders for counter-height or bar-height applications.

Arm Adjustments: Greater degree of personalization through up and down, front to back, and pivot adjustments.

Warranty: Includes a Herman Miller 12-year, 3-shift warranty that includes parts and labor with increased weight limits.

Ollin Monitor Arms

Easy Support for the Lightest Devices: Ollin can support a range of monitors and laptops weighing up to 20 pounds. You won't need any tools to adjust the arm because it has an integrated thumbwheel adjuster, making it a hassle-free solution for screens of various weights.

Adjustable for Many Needs: With Ollin's wide range of motion-horizontally 26.5 inches and vertically 13.5 inches-you can position your screen at a comfortable spot based on where you're sitting or standing, bringing the monitor to you and not the other way around. Ollin's tilt range, up to 80 degrees rearward and 10 degrees forward, prevents your neck from craning and your shoulders from hunching-creating a healthier posture that can lead to increased productivity.

The range of motion and tilt range are also ideal for touch screens and helpful for those with progressive lenses. Whether the task at hand calls for a landscape or portrait view, you can rotate the position of your device accordingly. The monitor arm's smooth articulation and responsive movement provides fingertip screen control for an effortless experience.

Power Incorporated: Ollin's three-point cable management system helps avoid clutter and keep cables organized. With the addition of the Flo Power Hub, you can use three convenient USB ports, including one designed specifically for fast charging, for easy, convenient power within arm's reach.

General Dimensions:

  • Vertical adjustment: 13.5"
  • Focal adjustment: 26.5"
  • Tilt range: 80° rearward, 10° forward
  • Monitor weight: up to 20 lbs
  • Number of devices: 1 device

Warranty 12-year, 3-shift

Education Solutions

At Herman Miller, we understand people-how we think, how we create, and how we interact. We use this knowledge, along with insights from leading designers, to help you create learning environments that harness the innate motivations of faculty and students. We believe people, pedagogy, and place are essential elements of impactful learning spaces. When they are considered and combined in the right ways, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Change is a constant on today's campus. It's occurring in classrooms, libraries, residence halls, and is the very nature of learning and teaching. As this change accelerates, campus spaces continue to play a key role in attracting and keeping students and projecting a school's spirit, culture, and image.

Herman Miller works closely with college and university leaders to address change on campus. We have since the 1970s. Our problem-solving, research-driven approach keeps us in tune with the evolving trends and issues and the leaders charged with addressing them. Every solution we present considers the type of pedagogy taking place today-and beyond-to create learning spaces that respond to changes in teaching and learning.

Informal Learning Spaces

Learning can happen anywhere, from corridor spaces to outdoor settings to casual lounge areas. No matter the space, it can benefit from versatile furnishings that allow students and faculty the freedom to learn and teach in ways that are effective, and feel natural and comfortable.

Formal Learning Spaces

As teaching and learning styles evolve, traditional classrooms are becoming more flexible and supportive of collaboration. Our solutions allow students and faculty to easily work together in the ways that suit them best-both virtually and in person. We believe that the right mix of surroundings, furnishings, and tools can elevate the learning experience. To help you achieve this, we've curated a set of products that work especially well in environments where people learn and teach.

Faculty and Administrative Spaces

Developed with the world's leading designers, our furniture offers unparalleled variety and choice to support the diverse activities of faculty and administrators. From performance seating that supports body and mind to adaptive solutions that enable dynamic environments for interaction and productivity, these designs help you create workspaces that really work.

Case Studies
Seating Solutions

Ergonomic Chairs

Studies show people sit more than they sleep, so we've made it our mission to design the most comfortable ergonomic chairs on earth. Sit in ours, and we're confident you'll experience proper support that puts back pain and fatigue in your past. And don't forget about the other ways you can be kind to your body. Desks with a surface that moves with you, keyboard trays that tilt and swivel, you'll find our products help you thrive.

Public area seating and side chairs from Herman Miller, Nemschoff, and Geiger provide a range of design solutions that are durable and provide value to your organization. Check out the Herman Miller Seating Suites Brochure for more information.

Workspace Solutions

Workspaces & Tables

In organizations around the world, the workforce is changing. The expectations of workers are changing. How work gets done is changing. Collaboration is increasingly seen as the primary means of generating better ideas faster, yet few spaces allow for it to occur naturally-and even fewer actively encourage it.

Tables provide the modularity and flexibility that can be key to a well-designed workplace. Conference tables, training tables, height-adjustable table and occasional tables from Herman Miller, Geiger, and Nemschoff come in a variety of designs that make it easy to find the best table for your workspace. Herman Miller's sit-to-stand tables make moving from sitting to standing-and back again-a natural part of your day.

While workplace design is moving toward open, collaborative spaces, there is still a need for private offices and workspaces where people can go to focus, create, have confidential conversations or even collect their thoughts. Herman Miller wants to help you create workplaces that better support your people and promote engagement in their work.

Storage Solutions


Movable, modular storage products that efficiently store work and personal items perform functions beside storage. These pieces can create boundaries and denote personal space and can serve as a place for people to gather and collaborate.

Along with our modular storage products, our case goods are designed to work alongside our workstations and other storage solutions. Best of all, our storage solutions come in a range of designs and options to help you design a space that supports the work done by your team.

Accessories Solutions


Technology is so much a part of our lives we often use it without thinking. We believe that for people to do their best work, technology should be human-centered, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into every work space.

Our accessories such as monitor arms, power/data access, personal lighting, and work tools for storage and privacy are designed with the goal of making work spaces and the technology used in those spaces more supportive, inviting, and flexible.


At Nemschoff, we’re a team-oriented company devoted to making high-quality furniture since 1950. Our business was built upon the principles that people make a difference, things should be built to last, and design can improve the way we live and work-ideas we still hold today. Since becoming a part of the Herman Miller family in 2009, Nemschoff is even stronger, and we’re proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for public spaces in learning environments and not for profit organizations.

What makes Nemschoff an industry leader? It’s not just our comprehensive product offering or our many best-in-class solutions. It’s a unique combination of experience, insights, skills, and a willingness to try new ideas.

Our products are thoughtfully designed and manufactured.

We combine Nemschoff’s commitment to research, design and craftsmanship with Herman Miller’s research-led approach to deliver inventive designs based in ergonomic expertise. We balance this commitment to design with lean manufacturing and hand-tailored details to deliver outstanding value.

Nemschoff’s portfolio is comprehensive.

Product designs and finish palettes are both coordinated and complementary to create well-balanced, dynamic environments. Even with the industry's most extensive portfolio, we're still happy to help our customers by tailoring custom solutions for unique needs outside of our standard offering. Our passion is to listen and learn, and put our experience to work for you.

Our products are made in the USA.

Nemschoff’s healthcare solutions are proudly made in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a community where furniture craftsmanship spans multiple generations.

Our products are built to last.

We back all of our products with our Limited Lifetime Warranty--a promise we can stand by thanks to our unique combination of materials, multi-step processes, and high-quality construction. Our methods have evolved from over 60 years of experience, resulting in superior long-term comfort and durability.

We are committed to sustainable design.

Nemschoff is committed to choosing materials, suppliers, and processes that reduce our environmental impact, and we strive for continuous improvement in everything we do. For additional information on Nemschoff, call 800-203-8916.


At Geiger, why we do things and how we do them are inexorably one. This commitment to craft was first made in 1964 in the four-person workshop of our founder, master cabinetmaker John Geiger. His drive for absolute quality found its perfect expression in the 1980s through our collaboration with Ward Bennett, whose characteristic minimalism defined the pinnacle of corporate design. Today, Geiger creates environments designed to deliver an exceptional experience.

Brand Pillars & Core Values

  • WOOD MASTERY - This is our focus. Expert woodworking has been the heart of our business since master cabinetmaker John Geiger established the company in 1964.

  • QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP - This is our commitment. The absolute quality evident in every Geiger product results from meticulous attention to detail and faithfulness to the art of craft.

  • BEAUTY & TIMELESS DESIGN - This is our passion. Our partnership with Ward Bennett established Geiger as a design leader and codified an aesthetic that celebrates simplicity, timelessness, and natural materials.

  • WARMTH & HUMANITY - This is our soul. At Geiger, everything we do comes back to people; from the communities where we live to the customers whom we serve, we strive to make people feel welcome and valued.

Geiger Creation Story

John Geiger was born in Germany at the height of the Bauhaus. In the aftermath of World War II, he attended university in Bremen where he studied to become a master cabinetmaker. As a young man in his 20s, he emigrated from Germany to Canada where he continued to apprentice for a few years before establishing his own four person custom woodworking shop in Toronto in 1964.

To complement the shop's custom work, Geiger began developing standard lines of office furnishings, which reflected the influence of German modernism: an absence of ornamentation, a willingness to embrace mass production methods, and a harmonic balance of form and function. John Geiger's mastery of craft was matched by his integrity in business; keeping a promise to a client meant everything to him. His drive for reliability and perfection helped build and sustain the company's reputation as a leading provider of fine wood furniture through the 1960s and '70s.

In 1980, the company relocated to Atlanta where it occupied a factory established by John Geiger's brother. Over the course of that decade, Geiger entered into a design partnership with Ward Bennett. At the time-and as it remains today-Bennett's name was synonymous with timelessness and opulent minimalism, and his interiors defined the pinnacle of corporate design in his era. His initial collection of 20 chair and table designs for Geiger received international acclaim and helped reshape the perception of the company as a design leader. The 1993 acquisition of Brickel Associates, for whom Bennett served as the sole designer, gave Geiger access to a substantial archive of Bennett designs, many of which have since been reissued.

In 1999, Geiger joined Herman Miller, whose human-centered approach to workplace design, Living Office, naturally aligns with the strengths of Geiger products to contribute to environments that deliver an exceptional experience.


New to the Herman Miller product offering for U.S. Communities are the products available from naughtone. Known for its contemporary British design and high quality manufacturing, naughtone offers:

  • upholstered soft seating including sofas and lounge chairs
  • stools
  • occasional and meeting tables
  • other ancillary products

naughtone products expand Herman Miller's portfolio of collaborative furniture offerings to better meet the needs of customers.

How do I place an order with Herman Miller?

Place orders with your local Herman Miller Authorized dealer. You can contact them directly and they will be happy to help you through the design, ordering and installation process. Working with your local dealer will ensure you have the proper ordering and pricing information. If you are unable to determine how to place an order through one of our dealers, please contact us at uscommunities@hermanmiller.com or call toll free 1-866-322-0700 for prompt assistance.

How can I find a local Herman Miller dealer?

Use our dealer locator on HermanMiller.com to find a dealer near you.

What Herman Miller products are on the U.S. Communities contract?

Herman Miller offers a wide variety of office furniture products including:

  • Seating
  • Systems furniture for collaborative and individual workspaces
  • Filing and storage
  • Casegoods
  • Accessories

Visit the U.S. Communities page on HermanMiller.com to get started.

Who do I issue the Purchase Order to?

Purchase orders should be issued to your local Herman Miller authorized dealer (in their name) for products offered under the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance agreement. Services are available from the local dealer directly in accordance with the U.S. Communities program pricing. The local selling dealer is responsible for typical order management, order acknowledgement, warranty/service and orientation functions.

Are there other discounts in addition to the pricing available?

Yes. Tiered pricing for every product line is available for large quantity orders. That means you can get a discount of up to 40-70% discount off current list pricing. Please contact your local Herman Miller authorized dealer for price quotes on large, multiple orders of the same item or product.

What about shipping?

List prices include freight within the 48 contiguous United States. Shipments outside of the contiguous United States are shipped freight prepaid to point of embarkation, with freight costs beyond that point are shipped collect.

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