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Knowledge Services takes on the primary responsibilities for managing our client’s contingent workforce and temporary staffing process, vendors and contractors. Knowledge Services utilizes a proprietary  Vendor Management System (VMS) technology, dotStaff™, which enables our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program team to procure and manage contractor sourcing, timekeeping, and invoicing in accordance with our client’s processes and regulations.

We are a trusted partner in the workforce management industry, expediting employee implementations and offering a dedicated support team that gives you direction and peace of mind. With many successful clients nationwide, we will support you through a client-defined scope of program initiatives.

Innovative Solutions
Managed Service Provider (MSP) & Vendor Management System (VMS)

Knowledge Services’ MSP methodology and VMS technology, provide local and state governments, like yours, the means to serve the public more efficiently and effectively while not only honoring your spend restraints, but producing year over year return.

Together, our MSP and VMS Solutions offers a holistic approach to successfully manage the public sector contract workforce.

Managed Service Provider (MSP): Knowledge Services’ MSP team adds consistency and accountability to the procurement of temporary staffing.  We ensure the right vendors are in place to satisfy your labor demands and drive down costs through competition and vendor optimization. 

Vendor Management System (VMS): Knowledge Services’ proprietary VMS technology, dotStaff™, streamlines the procurement and management of your contingent workforce process through requisition management, time entry, and invoicing.

Employer of Record (EOR) and Payroll Services

We offer below-market cost solutions to on-board temporary staff identified by the agency. This service brings our clients significant savings when they have workers who have been pre-identified without the use of a staffing vendor.  Our EOR/Payroll service on-boards pre-identified workers at rates lower (as much as 20%) than normal staffing vendor rates.

Temporary Staffing

Our team will work with you to coordinate the timely and cost effective deployment of temporary labor to support your information technology, medical or administrative needs. Our mission is rooted in providing you with the best possible candidates for the job, giving you more time and flexibility to focus on serving the public.

Value-Added Services
Job Posting Creation and Deployment

Our dedicated program team collaborates with your hiring manager to fully understand the job requirements so that the position is clearly represented within the posting. Once a job posting is created and approved by both parties, all vendors within the program will receive notification of the new opening immediately and at the same time.

Candidate Qualification

Honesty in qualifications is extremely important. Our program team understands this, and thoroughly screens all resumes and conducts phone and video interviews prior to sending a candidate to a hiring manager for next steps.

Onboarding Coordination

Once a candidate has been matched and selected based off of the predetermined criteria of the position, our onboarding staff handles the process of formalizing a start date and completing State-mandated paperwork.


Knowledge Services complies with any and all State preferences and regulations regarding invoicing. Whether your State requires invoices be sent by Purchase Order, Cost Center, Department, etc., Knowledge Services is proud to deliver client-configurable invoicing methods.

Advanced Reporting Analysis and Reviews

Overall performance is objectively reported in detail. We hold ourselves accountable just as much as our staffing vendors within the program. Our Client Business Reviews (CBR) present you with program status, spend detail and suggested process improvements. 

Innovative Savings

We understand the financial pressures state and local governments are under. We offer competitive rates and collaborate with you to attract high-quality talent and identify innovative ways to save tax payer dollars. As such, we work diligently to provide you with the measured value our services provide State and local government agencies through calculated program features, innovative savings metrics, and process improvements.

Exceptional Service

You deserve to work with a program team of individuals who are experts in the industry. Our program managers serve as a personal point of contact to simplify the staffing process and are equipped to lead the full-service performance and requisition lifecycle. Supported by a dedicated team, program services are guaranteed to be successfully executed. These include (but are not limited to): program and performance oversight, candidate vetting and engagement lifecycle, and contract administration and compliance. 

Intelligent Technology

Knowledge Services utilizes dotStaff™, a configurable, user friendly, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS), Vendor Management System (VMS) to enable the process automation, standardization, and reporting of the MSP program. Together, they uniquely offer the most transparent solution on the market today. Currently in use by seven States and dozens of cities, towns, universities, and quasi-governmental agencies, Knowledge Services and dotStaff™ is the most trusted MSP and VMS duo in the public sector.

Top Talent

In 2015, Knowledge Services supplied nearly 2,000 workers for State and Government programs. Our program solution is specifically designed to ensure you have access to the most skilled contingent/temporary staff based on your needs, while maintaining the ideal balance of cost and quality. 



MSP Process

Our VMS enables the MSP team to ensure that all aspects of the aforementioned process workflow is standardized, compliant and controlled while delivering process efficiencies to the State and/or Participating Entity, the supplier community, the resources and the MSP. 


What are the next steps for using the Knowledge Services/U.S. Communities contract?
Simply, contact us! Regardless if you are new or current customer, contact Knowledge Services via email at uscommunities@knowledgeservices.com or by phone at 866-465-5579 referencing contract number #16111 to begin the process of utilizing the contract. Based on your specific needs, our Lead Referral Manager will begin moving you through the adoption process of the Knowledge Services/U.S. Communities contract. If you’re not already a registered U.S. Communities user, you can do so quickly and easily on the U.S. Communities Registration page

What does the Knowledge Services/U.S. Communities contract mean?
This competitively-bid contract allows any local government entity to benefit from the Knowledge Services Managed Service Provider (MSP), Vendor Management System (VMS), and Employer of Record (EOR) and Payroll services - without the burden of going out to RFP.

Who can use the Knowledge Services contract with U.S. Communities?
States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Non-profits and any other entities that fall under the umbrella of State government.

Why would we want to use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) instead of a managed staffing program? 
Even though some may believe these are the same thing, there are important differences between the two.  Knowledge Services provides a vendor-neutral MSP program--meaning all staffing vendors within our MSP program receive all job postings at the same time. We firmly believe that each vendor should receive equal opportunity to do business and be successful within the program. 

How does the Knowledge Services’ MSP solution provide cost savings?
Cost savings come through competitive rates by job title, reverse auction bidding, BAFO and EOR/payroll services. In 2015, Knowledge Services saved State government clients over $41,099, 495 in hard dollar savings through competitive sourcing. On average, our clients save 11% of their existing temporary costs.

Can we keep our existing temporary staff and vendors?
Yes! We at Knowledge Services have always acted to help our clients transition and implement with ease and as little disruption as possible.  

Within an MSP solution, who manages the staffing vendor network?
We manage the vendor network for you. Knowledge Services monitors contracts, provides program compliance and risk mitigation so you can focus on other objectives.  

About Knowledge Services

Founded in 1994, Knowledge Services is a professional services organization delivering innovative workforce solutions to clients within the public and private sectors. As a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Knowledge Services’ expansive public sector footprint supports over 500 State agencies and departments across the United States. Not only is Knowledge Services the largest woman-owned company in Indiana, but it is also the largest government MSP and workforce management provider in the United States. Knowledge Services’ unique methodology combines contract workforce management industry best practices with comprehensive program management and recruiting expertise to deliver proven and measurable results.

Find out how a successful Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help you simplify and streamline your temporary workforce processes, taking weight off your shoulders while providing increased transparency and cost savings.

For more details, contact Knowledge Services at uscommunities@knowledgeservices.com or call 866-465-5779 referencing contract #16111: Staffing Services & Solutions.


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