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At KOMPAN, our mission is to make communities happier and healthier through play. Not only are children naturally motivated and excited to play, but play also promotes their social, physical, cognitive, and creative development. That's why The World Health Organization recommends play as the primary form of exercise for children. All of the physical and cognitive benefits of play are enhanced on our playgrounds, because our playground are:

  • Based on Research: At the KOMPAN Play Institute, we meticulously research the benefits of our designs on actual users and use real user feedback.
  • Aimed at Child Development: Our playgrounds uniformly target cognitive and physical skills so that play is, not only fun, but also educational and enriching.
  • Customizable: We want children to get the most out of our playgrounds. That's why we work with you to design a playground that is best suited to your unique location and community.
  • Safe and Long-Lasting: We proudly uphold global standards of sustainability and ethics from the sourcing of the materials, to the long-lasting durability of the products; even to their sustainable disposal.
  • Versatile: Great for both urban and natural environments, our playgrounds are designed to be vandalism-resistant and last for decades, backed by our warranty and service agreement.
  • Universally Designed: KOMPAN playgrounds are designed to be accessible to all needs, all ages, and all skill levels. We encourage confidence through success and growth through challenge.
  • Play Now, It’s Easy: Our playground leasing program allows public agencies to fund their playground purchase from their operating budget, rather than as a capital expense.
  • Turnkey Playground Solutions: Through our surfacing and site amenities partnerships, we can provide you with products to compliment your playground that are as innovative and high quality as your new KOMPAN equipment.
  • KOMPAN Play Institute: Conducts research and programs to ensure we offer only the most relevant play solutions that support child development.
  • KOMPAN Certified Installer Network: We have a skilled network of playground installers who have been through rigorous training and are fully equipped to install your KOMPAN playground.
Playground Solutions

KOMPAN Organic Robinia playgrounds are eye-catching, elegant, and natural. With a full-service agreement, including design, installation, and maintenance, these natural playgrounds are customizable. They offer small and large features and options for all ages and skill levels. Certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, our strong, durable, and rot resistant Robinia wood is sourced sustainably, and coated with environmentally safe paint.

Urban Play
KOMPAN pioneered the concept of urban play structures, and we remain the industry's innovation leader. KOMPAN's transparent designs integrate easily with any environment, providing a gathering place for communities to engage in social and physical activities.

Net and Rope
Climbing is well suited for children in school and public playgrounds. Our play equipment challenges the physical skills of children and also provides meeting places where they can socialize. Unique and unlike any other climbing structure on the market, our climbers look fantastic and give kids the opportunity for interactive fun.

KOMPAN offers a variety of playground play structures to furnish your play area. Choose from slides, jungle gyms, fitness structures and themed structures. Our signage can be used to indicate where it is appropriate for certain ages to play. Our play structures and jungle gyms can communicate a welcoming, wholesome environment to your park, playground, or school. 

Sport & Fitness

KOMPAN's sport and fitness products promote happier and healthier communities with unique and innovative concepts and quality materials. As more and more of the world's population moves to cities, communities are becoming increasingly sedentary and access to public space, for physical exercise and outdoor recreation, is decreasing. KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment is designed to be motivating, city-friendly, and effective.

KOMPAN is dedicated to discovering new and better ways to activate urban communities with our outdoor gyms including:

  • Plenty of Support: Just download the KOMPAN Training App when you visit a KOMPAN site, and you can have a location-specific personal trainer right in your hand, including recommended exercises for each piece of equipment, video tutorials, and customized progress tracking, goals, and challenges.
  • Natural Motivation: KOMPAN outdoor gyms have a simple and elegant aesthetic that offers instruction, yet inspire creativity. Cooped up city-dwellers will love this open-ended opportunity to get outside and get active together. 
  • Comprehensive Fitness: Our equipment can be utilized for resistance training, aerobics, calisthenics, cross training, high-intensity interval training, and physical therapy, among other things. It promotes strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and agility.
  • Universal Design: Young and old, fitness experts and those new to fitness, KOMPAN outdoor gyms are designed to be accessible for anyone, at any skill level, and with any fitness goal.
What's New at KOMPAN

Moments School Age
MOMENTS play structures provide age-appropriate play for school-age children. Built in close cooperation with the KOMPAN Play Institute, these play structures incorporate physical activities and play panels that have been field-tested and approved by our student user groups. 

The Robinia Ships make a fleet of unbeatable imaginative play motivators. From the small challup to the huge schooner, these ships were crafted for play sailors with an imagination to take them anywhere.


Our Robinia Castles will give any park a regal touch. With their scale, Robinia Castles allow for a wide range of ages playing together. Invite the whole family over for a royal play day!




How do I place an order with KOMPAN? 
Contact KOMPAN at 888-579-8223. You will be matched with a play consultant who will work with you to bring a unique playground with ultimate play value to your community.

How do I locate my territory’s sales representative?
Contact KOMPAN at 888-579-8223

My booster club/PTA would like to order equipment. Can they order with you and get U.S. Communities contract pricing?
Yes. Any non-profit organization registered with U.S. Communities may order using any U.S. Communities contract. 

How do I get a catalog?
Contact KOMPAN at 888-579-8223 or visit our website kompan.us. 

Can KOMPAN alter their playground products to fit the space available? 
Yes! Our design team will work with you to create the perfect solution for your available play space. 

Does KOMPAN offer handicap accessible playground equipment? 
Yes! KOMPAN's sales representatives are considered among the best trained in the industry and are prepared to work with the ADA requirements to help you create an appropriate, interesting, challenging and inclusive play environment without the separation factors often associated with accessible playground facilities. The play environments that we create include spaces that challenge and develop motor skills, allow social interaction, and provide room for exploring with courage and curiosity. 

What kind of warranty does KOMPAN offer?
All KOMPAN play equipment is built to last. The KOMPAN Warranty applies to time periods described for each product type (see below). Our LIFETIME warranty is in effect for the lifetime of the product until the product is uninstalled and/or taken out of use. Click here for a list of products and Warranty.

Where is KOMPAN located? 
KOMPAN’s North America headquarters are located in Pflugerville, Texas.

How long has KOMPAN been in business? 
KOMPAN has been creating innovative playgrounds for over 40 years.

Pricing & Shipping


U.S. Communities participants can purchase KOMPAN playground products at the following discounts:

Category Discount
Playground Equipment Price List (including components)10%
Surfacing Materials Price List10%
Site Furnishings Price List12.5%
Services Price List5%
Related Products Price List5%


Price of KOMPAN


Additional Volume Discount

$500,000 and over10%

Volume discounts will be applied to the net contract price. For example, an order that includes $210,000 will be calculated by first applying the 10% contract discount for a discounted price of $189,000 and next the volume discount will be applied to that discounted contract price: Ex: $189,000 x .95 = $179,550


All shipments shall be F.O.B destination with freight charges prepaid and listed separately. Actual freight charges shall be added at time of invoicing as determined and supported by the carrier’s freight bill. Selection of the freight carrier shall be the option of the customer. Estimated freight charges shall be provided at the time of quotation. Additional cost for expedited delivery may be added. 


What can outdoor fitness do for your community?

Research conducted by the KOMPAN Fitness Institute in Stuyvesant Town, New York found that 27% of users went from being inactive to active, and users who were already active increased their level of activity by 68% after the installation of outdoor fitness equipment. Get a copy of the full research findings.