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Maintenance and Modernization Services

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KONE is a global supplier of vertical transportation products and modernization services. KONE specializes in elevators, escalators, moving walks and ramps. They design, manufacture, install, and provide modernization, maintenance and repair services. The job of KONE Service Technicians is to make sure that your elevators and escalators run smoothly and dependably.

KONE’s primary goal is to ensure maximum availability and protect the integrity of your asset all while ensuring the safest possible environment in and around your equipment. KONE Service Technicians have the integrity, expertise and dedication that have made them leaders in setting global maintenance standards.

With a nationwide team of dedicated vertical transportation professionals, KONE can assist with all your service, repair and modernization needs.

Products and Solutions
  • Proactive preventative maintenance of elevator and lifts prolonging your equipment's life cycle. KONE maintains all competitors equipment - (over 60% of the equipment KONE services was not manufactured by KONE)
  • Modernization and updgrades through asset planning for elevators, escalators, moving walks, and handicap/wheelchair lifts
  • Web-based elevator tracking performance system: KONE Care Online (invoicing, reports, equipment's performance) - saves time and money in managing your elevator maintenance costs
  • 24/7 KONE Customer Care Center - For quick response
  • In elevator car monitoring in case of emergencies
  • Spare Parts Availability - All equipment 
  • Inventory of over 15,000 parts
  • Negotiated agreements with over 1,000 suppliers to utilize their inventory, which enables drop shipping directly to the site to minimize downtime
  • Care for Life - Provide a details analysis of safety upgrades for your equipment along with a capital improvement plan for future upgrades to assist with yearly budgeting
  • Provide safety training for all employees on how to ride safely on a elevator or escalator
  • Dedicated account manager and supervisor to handle any questions or concerns Core Competencies

More than one third of the world's elevators and escalators are over 20 years old. In that time frame, even the best maintained equipment could fall short of expectations.

The purpose of KONE modernization solutions is quite simple: to increase the value of your asset by keeping the elevators and escalators running safely and reliably for the lifetime of your building.

KONE EcoSpace™ EB 

Full Replacement for Existing Buildings

Rejuvenate your building by replacing your existing elevator with brand new technology, aesthetics and safety devices without modifications to your building's structure. Benefits:

  • Owner: Minimized building disruption, increased property value, accommodates reduced pit depth and overhead.
  • Tenants: Smoother, quieter ride, no hydraulic oil odor, optimum stopping accuracy, sophisticated car features.
  • Environment: No hydraulic oil, energy-efficient, recycle existing elevator where feasible, minimizes building materials.

EcoMod™ Escalator Modernization

Escalator modernization solution offers an innovative and systematic approach to replacing the entire workings of your escalators, delivering brand new technology without expensive, disruptive truss removal. Benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption and operating costs
  • Newer equipment is easier to maintain safely
  • Improved safety features provide a secure ride
  • Download the brochure to learn more

ReNova™ Door Operator Upgrade

Performance & Reliability

Over 70% of elevator service calls are caused by faulty or worn-out door components. That’s why KONE ReNova high performance door modernization solutions are designed to allow you to retain all, part or none of your existing hoistway door equipment. Benefits:

  • Offer among the fastest open and close times in the industry. Faster doors mean quicker floor-to-floor times and shorter waits for passengers.
  • Are designed and tested reliable for 800,000 elevator starts a year. That’s almost four times the typical demand.
  • Can reduce operating noise by 50%, compared to conventional operators.


Monospace® 500 EB

A successful 20 year track record and almost 500,000 installations around the world speak for themselves. This machine room-less solution, powered by our eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine, is ideal for residential and smaller buildings. Download the brochure to learn more.


End User Safety 

Elevator and escalator users have a responsibility when using the equipment to use the equipment in a safe manner. For example, children should be properly supervised when using both elevators and escalators, and large items such as baby strollers, heavy luggage, or shopping carts should not be transported on escalators. Below are some helpful tips. 

Elevator and Escalator Do’s and Don'ts

Using an elevator or esalator properly helps provides for a safe and comfortable ride for everyone. Follow these simple guidelines to prevent injuries and enhance safety.

Elevator Safety Tips                         Escalator Safety Tips


What to do if the elevator stops?

In some cases, simple and fast checks are enough to put the elevator back into operation and could save you from what might have otherwise been an additional charge.Before placing a call to the KONE Customer Care Center, please check the following items:

  • Is the Stop button activated?
  • Are all key switches in the normal 'run' position?
  • Is the Independent Service switch in the 'on' position?
  • Is the elevator on Fireman Service?
  • Is there an object (gum, paper, etc.) obstructing the infrared door detector or photo eye?
  • Wipe down the infrared door detector or photo eye with a dry cloth.
  • Is there an object (screw, coin, etc.) in the door sill or track, preventing the door from closing?
  • Are the doors properly closed at all floors?
  • Is the machine room dry and at normal room temperature?
  • For hydraulic elevators, run the car several times to heat up the oil in the power unit and ensure correct operation.

If your equipment is not operational after checking the above items, place a service call with the KONE Customer Care Center.

  • Expertise in both KONE & Non-KONE Equipment
  • National Technical Support for OEM & Non-OEM Equipment
  • KONE Spares Electronic Parts Distribution Network
  • Van Stock Program to Ensure Immediate Access to Parts & Material
  • 24/7/365 North American Call Center Staffed with Dedicated KONE Employees
  • Providing Elevator Emergency Phone Monitoring
  • Highly-Trained Multi-Lingual Call Center Agents
  • eOptimum™ Web-Based Reporting System
  • Real-Time Tracking of Equipment Status
  • Customized Reporting Delivered Automatically via E-mail
  • Accounts Receivable & Online Invoice Review
  • Dynamic Dispatching & Route Planning Utilizing GPS Technology
  • Quickest to Site for Callouts or Emergencies
  • Flexible, Efficient Work Assignments Limit Unproductive Time
  • Safety Locator to Ensure Technician Safety & Support
  • Life Cycle Asset Management Program for Code & Performance Upgrades
  • Capital Planning Tool for Long-Term Asset Allocation
  • Annual Audits to Review Performance and Code Enhancements
  • Specification Planning & Support for New Equipment & Modernization
  • Trained Professional Sales Staff Located Nationally
  • No Cost Surveys & Specification Assistance
  • Ongoing Global Research & Development
  • KONE Continues as the Industry Leader in Innovation & Design

Elevator maintenance and repair is unique. Pricing is dramatically affected by age, condition, environment, duty, scope and density. KONE’s commitment is to provide the best value solution after having a full understanding of the above conditions and the budgetary needs of the Public Agency.

KONE professionals will perform a no cost no obligation survey of your facilities to determine the most appropriate service program to enhance the operation and dependability of your equipment.

We will then consult with your team to understand any unique circumstances or special needs so we can develop a value-based proposal that includes options for short- and long-term considerations to provide or enhance safety, reliability, performance, and protect the integrity of your equipment.

National labor rates and material mark ups are identified in Exhibit C of the Master Contract.


How do I place an order with KONE? 
You must be a registered participant to utilize the U.S. Communities contract. If not, please Register to Participate.
To order once registered, send an email to uscommunities@kone.com or call (800) 956-5663.
Your request will be forwarded to Kone’s National Account Team for follow-up within 48 hours.

How do I know KONE can properly support all of my different types of equipment?
KONE currently maintains over 100,000 units in the United States alone. Over 60% of this base is made up of equipment originally manufactured by other companies. Elevators, escalators, power walks, dumbwaiters, handicap lifts and wheel chair lifts are the major products we service. KONE has a national training program for foreign equipment support as well as a matrix that identifies the serviceability of the various types of equipment. If there is a proprietary issue which prevents KONE from being able to properly support a piece of equipment, they will explain the circumstances and politely decline.

Can KONE obtain parts for my equipment? (We have some very old units.)
KONE Spares is the division of KONE that is dedicated to providing parts for all makes, models and ages of vertical transportation equipment. As an independent division of KONE, they have established purchasing relationships with all the major manufacturers as well as dozens of independent suppliers to the industry. They stock thousands of parts ready to ship immediately. If there is a concern about parts availability, this will be identified during the survey process.

What happens if I have special or unique terms & conditions that are mandated to be included in my contract by our legal staff?
One of the many keys to cost efficiency is in streamlining processes. By utilizing the contract terms in place, the cycle time for contract approval is reduced dramatically. When we have public agencies that need special language, we address these on a case by case basis. We are very flexible in meeting the terms and conditions required by public agencies.

What if my elevators and escalators will be coming off of existing contracts on different dates?
Multiple or staggered contract dates are not a problem. We are happy to survey and contract for the units that are available now and then add units down the road as they become available. This can also be streamlined by using a simple one page rider to add equipment to the existing contract without changing the terms and conditions that have already been established.

What if we have a unit that is removed or taken out of service or if we sell a building and have to take units off the contract?
This is not a problem. We know circumstances will change over the course of a contract and units can be added or deleted from the contract for reasons such as modernization, building closures, unit decommissioning or units that are no longer used. We can also assist with proper and code required decommissioning if needed.

Can KONE provide additional services for my capital expenditures needs or does the contract just apply to maintenance under U.S. Communities?
It applies to  maintenance, repair, upgrade and modernization  all forms of vertical transportation equipment. These scopes are detailed in the master contract and available to public agencies regardless of whether they currently have an active maintenance contract in place with KONE. These services can be utilized on a project basis  (individualized/separate) without further commitment from the public agency on other services.  

Why should I consider using KONE for elevator services under the U.S. Communities contract?
Through this program, you receive the following benefits:

  • Lowest maintenance pricing available to public agencies
  • Discounted labor and material billing rates
  • No charge for KRMS Voice Link (Phone monitoring) – An important code required life safety feature that reduces liability
  • No Charge Web-Based Reporting System that provides costing and invoicing reports to improve transparency and efficiency
  • Eliminates costly RFP Process for maintenance, repairs and modernization
  • Established contract terms that have time in processing the contract and allow public agencies to negotiate purchases of products and services without the need to go through a time consuming procurement and tendering process.
Emergency Preparedness
Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparedness for Elevators

As we near the height of storms/hurricane season, building managers must understand what's at risk if they don't take the necessary safety precautions with their elevators. If your building is in the storm / hurricane danger zone along the coasts, you don't want to put passengers in unnecessary danger in your elevators following a natural disaster. On top of that, taking precautionary care of elevators can prevent significant damage and avoid costly repairs.

KONE has developed a before, during, and after safety checklist to follow in preparation for a storm / hurricane. For example, before a hurricane, it is important to check all sump pumps, float switches, and alarms in elevator pits. During a hurricane, elevators should be parked at the top floor of the hoist way, with the main breaker switched off. After the storm, inspect every part of the elevator for water, and don't turn it on if water is found. Visit our blog to view the entire checklist.