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State & Local Government

With labor being the costliest and most controllable expense, this is a primary focus area for many state and local governments. Many transactional aspects of managing the workforce are a great start for increased efficiency. Kronos for Government solutions provide automation to highly repetitive processes including time & attendance, absence management, and scheduling. All departments can benefit, but Transportation, Health & Human Services, & Corrections are particularly receptive to improvements in:

  • Minimized Compliance Risk – Labor laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Collective Bargaining Agreements are complicated and often left to managers to interpret which can lead to unintended violations. With Kronos for Government, your pay rules are pre-configured and audit trails provide detail when burden of proof is put on the employer.

  • Improved Visibility into Leave Liability Managing absences and policies like the Family Medical Leave Act requires a careful eye and plenty of oversight.  Employees without access to their accrual balances are at risk of taking more time than they have. Automation, beyond the functionality of an ERP solution, makes tracking absences manageable and cuts down on leave inflation.

  • Accurate scheduling: right people, right place, right time – Generating schedules is a daunting task when performing this manually. Factoring in time off requests, certifications, and qualifications requires a skilled person to sit for hours preparing schedules. Kronos for Government takes the guess work out of building schedules and frees managers from unnecessary administrative work.

"Estimates of $5.2 million in savings over five years following our Kronos implementation and an additional $1.1 million in yearly cost avoidance savings have been spot on."
Susan Judah, CPP, SPHR, Senior IT Systems Analyst, Payroll Division, City & County of Denver


Every employee plays an important role in student achievement — so our innovative Kronos for K-12 solutions are designed to create time and attendance efficiencies that let you spend less time on administrative processes and more time on academics and programs. Beyond the expected benefits from automation, Kronos for K-12 helps school districts in four key areas:

  • Simplify Extra Duty Time – Kronos for K-12 lets you track time based on specific assignments, creating a consistent way to track all employees across your school district for easy reporting and fast access to data in the event of an audit. Simply choose predesignated labor codes in Kronos for proper assignment.

  • Minimize Compliance Risk - Adhering to labor laws and collective bargaining agreements is complicated.  Eliminate manual time and attendance processes with Kronos for K-12. All information is collected through an automated solution and stored in real time for easy access.

  • Improve Visibility into Sub Time - With Kronos for K-12, subs take assignments in the existing sub-management system but punch in and out with Kronos to track their time in the classroom. They are then paid properly based on the interface between the two systems.

  • Make Data Driven Decisions - Having real-time, readable data at your fingertips could open up a valuable new visibility into employee trends and patterns. By capturing in/out punches and each employee’s leave, Kronos for K-12 stores the data in an automated system that can be easily accessed from inside or outside the school. 

“Kronos automatically handles shortfalls, which has been a huge timesaver for managers, and employees can see their real-time comp balances. Kronos is definitely helping us keep in compliance with all rules and regulations.”
Roxxie Barreno, Information Systems Business Manager, Ector County ISD, TX

Higher Education

Our innovative Kronos for Higher Education solutions are designed to provide accountability and visibility across all departments, all types of employees, and all functional areas.  Universities and colleges can expect to benefit from automating cumbersome, manual processes in a variety of ways including:

  • Improve Visibility into Student Workers - Managing student workers goes beyond ensuring students are showing up for assigned shifts. Visibility into scheduling confirms that students are staying within their federal work-study allotted hours and accommodates students with multiple jobs or non-standard shifts. Streamline processes by ensuring managers only approve the time that is attributed to their department, while ensuring that student workers are in the right place at the right time, with the right credentials.

  • Accurately Track Grant/Project Efforts - Visibility into time spent on specific tasks attributed to grants and projects can provide a clear audit trail while creating detailed, accurate pay for employees.  Gather accurate labor data and easily attribute time worked on specific tasks at the touch of a button to ensure accurate pay and timely projects/grants.

  • Make Data Driven Decisions - Having real-time, readable data at your fingertips opens up valuable visibility into cost savings and best practices to help drive strategic initiatives. With less time spent on administrative tasks, staff can focus their efforts on furthering the organization’s mission.

  • Minimize Compliance Risks - Adhering to labor laws and policies is critical to ensure employees are being paid properly. And when time is tracked on paper or spreadsheets, it leaves room for errors and discrepancies by employees, supervisors, and payroll. This lack of visibility creates a risky compliance environment.  With Kronos for Higher Ed, automatically collect labor data for real time, easy access audit trails.

“I hear from our timekeepers all the time. They tell me our new system is a lot simpler and a lot faster.  And on our side, when we’re processing payroll, we’re able to cut down our reconciliation process to a third of the time it took before—from three hours to maybe an hour, maximum.”
Ken Thornton, Lead Systems Administrator for Human Resources, Temple University

Public Safety

With the Kronos for Public Safety automated scheduling solution, your command-level staff will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what they do best: protecting citizens, fighting crime, and training officers. Kronos for Public Safety not only helps Police, Corrections, Fire and EMS departments control overtime costs, create 24/7 schedules, send rapid notifications, and deploy quickly but also yields these important benefits:

  • Simplify complex scheduling - Create and maintain a virtually unlimited number of schedules that support multiple shifts and rotating positions as well as future-deployed and extra-duty assignments while ensuring adherence to union policies.  Employees can expedite tasks such as shift trades and time-off requests and even bid for preferred shifts, vacation time, and overtime.

  • Enforce fairness and equity - With Kronos for Public Safety, you can create schedules and allocate overtime and extra-duty assignment work in a manner that’s fair and equitable while adhering to all union mandates, HR policies, and agency rules. Every staffing decision is validated against the rules to enforce impartiality and contributing to morale.

  • Minimize compliance and safety risk - Automatically staff the right officers based on skill set, certification, qualification, and availability to help ensure compliance and enhance safety.  Manage fatigue easier with schedules that take limitations on scheduled hours or job rotation into consideration.

“The Kronos Workforce TeleStaff solution effectively bridged the gap between our scheduling and payroll processes. It saves administrative employees a great deal of time through automation and has provided our employees with the ability to manage their own time, which has increased job satisfaction and decreased our liability.”
David Hermann, Technology Services Director, Salt Lake City Fire Department


Kronos for Nonprofit solutions provide easy-to-use, easy-to-own workforce management that helps you manage costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve interactions with your members and community. As you grapple with issues like reduced funding and ever-increasing demand for services, finding an opportunity to create efficiencies with your labor is the perfect way to put resources back to supporting your mission. An automated solution from Kronos can help:

  • Hire, retain, and engage a quality workforce - Employee engagement and retention foster a culture of mission and purpose that is critical to achieving your program goals. Kronos for Nonprofit offers talent management solutions that help you optimize employee engagement and effectiveness. Self-service features give employees greater autonomy and control while our hiring and onboarding solutions, including background checks, allow individuals to start contributing to your team sooner.

  • Control costs to optimize limited funding - Your employees may work multiple jobs across various departments, you need an easy, accurate way to allocate labor expenses to the appropriate cost centers. Kronos for Nonprofit makes it easy to enforce work and pay rules, improve payroll accuracy, and track and allocate labor costs to the right programs, projects, grants, and assets.

  • Schedule employees to meet service demand - Kronos for Nonprofit automated scheduling tools sort employees based on predefined criteria — availability, preferences, skills, licenses, certifications, and more — so you can assign the right person to each position.

“The less time and money we spend doing administrative tasks, the more resources that go to our core mission. Kronos® is helping us deliver our mission more effectively and get more value out of every dollar spent, letting us manage [our workforce] more efficiently so more of these resources get into the hands and uses of mission.”
John Leopold, Vice President of Technology, Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia


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