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A Market Basket Analysis helps to compare products and pricing to better understand the value of this contract. Find out how this contract compares to what you are currently paying.

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Driving Savings on Pharmaceutical and Medical/Surgical Supplies

Many public entities are challenged with tighter budgets, limited resources and high expectations. You are tasked to save dollars, drive competitive bid processes and manage supplier relationships. To help manage these challenges, Premier designed a program designed just for you. Awarded by Dane County, utilize a portfolio of 1,390 agreements focused on:

  • Branded/generic pharmaceuticals: oral, injectable, and vaccines
  • Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment: radiology, lab, patient beds, etc.
  • Medical supplies meeting most of your clinical needs: exam gloves, needles, syringes, bandages, dressings, and much more.

Benefits include:

  • Leverage Premier’s $41 billion in member volume to achieve competitive pricing
  • Access to manufacturer discounts with more than 290 pharmaceutical manufacturers and 1,100 medical equipment and supply manufacturers
  • Negotiated pricing from an internal team of contract directors and managers saving public entities time and expense
  • Maximizing program effectiveness with educational tools and resources
  • Receiving full transparency of cost (credits, value added programs, rebates and discounts) on all products and services purchased through the program
  • Comprehensive portfolio exceeding 1,390 agreements and more than 100,000 products with no hidden fees
Shipping & Distribution

Premier offers a national and regional distribution program so your agency quickly and effectively receives needed products. Access Premier and U.S. Communities’ primary distributor, McKesson and featured partner, Medline Industries. You are not limited to this primary distributor and can access additional distributors with Premier agreements. Distributors work with manufacturers with Premier agreements so your agency receive the best pricing.

Your current distributors may have a Premier agreement. Even if you buy the same items from the same distributors, you may save.

Request a market basket to see the comparison.

Getting Started

Premier offers over 1,390 agreements and 100,000 products. To find out the pricing your agency can receive, request a market basket.

What is a market basket? It’s an analysis of your top medical purchases. Premier will match up your items with items available on the Premier agreement showing you the savings. This is the most efficient way to demonstrate how the program will meet your needs. Once you have become a member, you will have the option to look at more than 1,390 agreements.

Request a Market Basket Analysis

Clicking on the link above to request a market basket analysis and completing the form provides Premier with high-level information on your purchases. It also allows you to accept the confidentiality of the market basket. Below is the information that will be requested to start the process:

  • Estimated Annual Medical -Surgical Supply and Pharmaceutical purchases
  • Primary and Secondary (if applicable) Medical-Surgical Supply Distributor and/or Pharmacy Wholesaler
  • Scheduled Deliveries Per Week

Once the online form is completed, the Premier team will follow-up and walk you through the exact product level purchased information that is needed to provide a market basket that shows your customized pricing. 

Don’t need to compare pricing? Interested in the program? Enroll now. Become a part of the Premier community and start saving.

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Why Premier?
A Malcolm Baldridge and Ethisphere award winner, Premier is an advocate for U.S. Communities participants. Premier offers a wide selection of products, equipment and solutions to meet your clinical needs. Pricing reduces goods and services costs for you.

Agreements are competitively bid every three years. A membership committee evaluates and awards these agreements. The committee includes Premier members from pharmacy, supply chain, nursing and other healthcare staff.


  • Contracted pricing and distribution partners
  • Collective purchasing power and contracting process
  • Reduced administrative overhead and operational efficiencies
  • Comprehensive portfolio exceeding 1,390 agreements and more than 100,000 products
  • Cost transparency on all pharmacy products and services
  • Catalog of reporting tools
  • Flexible and customized program
  • Solutions and savings support from our Contract Advisors 

 Educational Resources 

  • Premier Safety Institute®: The Premier Safety Institute provides resources about emerging safety concerns (like Ebola). 
  • Action for Better Healthcare: Action for Better Healthcare, a blog from Premier, Inc., is the go-to source for healthcare insights and trends.  
  • Annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition: Annual national performance improvement conference, drawing more than 4,000 attendees from Premier’s member hospitals and suppliers.
  • Advisor Live® webinar series: Interactive webinars on a variety of hot topics. 
  • Monthly member educational webcasts: Complimentary webcasts offer an interactive opportunity for knowledge advancement. 
  • Pharmacy communication platform: Premier hosts pharmacy webinars for Premier members to create a forum for knowledge-sharing related to innovative practices that will safeguard patient care and minimize resource consumption. 

Why Premier?
Premier is a group purchasing organization helping members achieve cost savings and efficiencies. A Malcolm Baldridge and Ethisphere award winner, Premier is an advocate for U.S. Communities participants. Premier leverages member volume to help you save on goods and services. Premier offers a wide selection of products, equipment and solutions to meet all clinical needs. Premier is one of the largest and most successful group purchasing organizations today.  

What is the relationship between Innovatix and Premier?
Innovatix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Premier. Innovatix was founded in 1993 as a group purchasing organization (GPO) that serves pharmacies, senior living providers, and independent oncology practices. Premier acquired Innovatix (as well as its sibling GPO, Essensa) in 2016. The Innovatix team often works directly with public agencies and government entities participating in the Premier program.

What is a group purchasing organization (GPO)? 
A GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) is an organization that assists their members in realizing savings and efficiencies. GPOs aggregate purchasing volume and negotiate discounts. GPOs do not purchase or buy any products. They negotiate agreements with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers on behalf of their membership.

Can a public agency join a GPO? 
Yes, any public agency can participate in a group purchasing organization. However, they are responsible for compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes open, fair and competitive procurement (informal or formal) of GPO services.

What is the Premier Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Supply and Distribution Program?
This program is a proven, 20+ year purchasing program. It includes:

  • aggressive national distribution program
  • discounted contracted manufacturer agreements
  • technology solutions
  • cost management solutions
  • satisfaction surveys
  • educational tools and resources

What are the principal advantages of the program?

  1. Lower prices providing immediate savings on expenditures using Premier’s manufacturer agreements
  2. Price protection and ongoing monitoring of market conditions
  3. Leveraging Premier’s collective purchasing power and contracting process
  4. Access to a comprehensive portfolio exceeding 1,390 agreements and more than 100,000 products
  5. Full transparency of cost (credits, rebates and discounts) on all pharmacy products and services 

What categories are included in the program?

  • Brand Pharmaceuticals
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Over- the-counter Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Supplies

Is there a fee to join or use your service?
There is no fee to join the program. Participation is voluntary. Purchase the items you need using pre-negotiated, contracted pricing. 

How do I see Premier pricing?
If you need to compare pricing, Premier offers a market basket analysis. This is the simplest way to determine if the program is correct for your organization. 

Request a Market Basket Analysis 

Don’t need to compare pricing and ready to enroll?

Complete an Enrollment Form

How do I enroll?
To purchase, registration is required with U.S. Communities. Registration is fast, easy and free. There are no fees or commitments to join. CLICK HERE  to register. Once registered, go to www.premierinc.com/healthcare-uscommunities. Select JOIN NOW, complete and submit the online registration form. A Premier representative will contact you once your registration has been finalized. You will receive assistance with account set up to include connecting to one of our distributors.

More information, call 877.981.3312 or email uscommunities@premierinc.com

Are there reporting tools available? 
Yes, Premier has numerous reporting tools on their supplier agreement site. Participants can see purchases by specific location or roll purchases into one master account if there are multiple locations. This information can be in total, by manufacturer or by products. 

How would this program be different from one a participating member might be using today?
This program is a single source supplier vs. multiple distributors awarded by line item bids. A prime vendor type relationship reduces ordering time, invoice processing and number of deliveries to facilities. This helps increase overall productivity and efficiencies, operational performance and savings. 

Who are the distributors with Premier agreements?
Premier offers a national and regional distribution program. Participants have access to distributors with Premier agreements, including 16 pharmaceutical distributors and 20 Med/Surg distributors.

What are Contracted Manufacturer Agreements (CMAs)?
Contracted Manufacturer Agreements (CMA) are agreements that Premier has negotiated with medical and pharmacy supply and equipment manufacturers through a competitive bid process to provide savings to our members. Most are three year agreements, which allows a balance of price protection and terms with flexibility to respond to changes in the market. Premier has more than 1390 Contracted Manufacturer Agreements for your use covering everything from gauze dressing to MRI’s. This is the core of the Premier program leveraging the overall volume of over $40 billion dollars of contracted purchase on behalf of our members. Premier uses a formal bidding process with awards decided by our member committees. Committees are comprised of subject matter experts who utilize their knowledge to guide sound decisions for our members.


Premier provides more than 1,390 contracted manufacturer agreements for products and services. Supplies are sold directly to you or through distributors. Distribution needs will vary. And there’s no fixed price for all. Pay for what you need.

These agreements are negotiated to maximize the benefits for all members. They are managed with careful oversight and price monitoring at all times. Agreements are negotiated to determine cost into distribution. They have various controls built in to protect against extreme market fluctuations. 

Want to know if this program for you? Want to see tailored pricing? Learn More about the Market Basket process.

We’ll request the following information to start the process:

  • Estimated Annual Medical -Surgical Supply and Pharmaceutical purchases
  • Primary and Secondary (if applicable) Medical-Surgical Supply Distributor and/or Pharmacy Wholesaler
  • Scheduled Deliveries Per Week

Once the online form is completed, we’ll follow-up and walk you through the exact product level purchased information that we will need in order to provide a market basket that shows your customized pricing. 

Don’t need to compare pricing? Interested in the program? Enroll now. Become a part of the Premier community and start saving.

Enrollment Form

How is the medical/pharmaceutical market different from others? Learn more about the market and pricing.

NARCAN® Nasal Spray

Newly-Approved Treatment Available Through Discount Program

NARCAN® Nasal Spray, is the only FDA-approved, ready-to-use nasal spray version of naloxone hydrochloride. This medication is used along with emergency medical treatment to reverse the life-threatening effects of opiate (narcotic) overdose. NARCAN Nasal Spray, a ready-to-use, needle-free device, delivers a 4 mg dose of naloxone in a single 0.1 ml nasal spray. NARCAN Nasal Spray requires no assembly or priming prior to use.

NARCAN Nasal Spray is available directly through Adapt Pharma through the Premier, Inc. contract at public interest pricing. 

Pricing: This discounted program is an effort to provide affordable access to NARCAN for entities that serve the public interest with limited funding. Public interest pricing at a 40% discount, or $37.50 per dose ($75 for a 2 pack carton)*.

Next Steps: U.S. Communities participating agencies must sign participation documents for Premier’s Medical Surgical and Pharmaceutical Group Purchasing Program. For new orders, register through NARCANDirect. In the contract field, you must include U.S. Communities. 

Discounted Drug Program: NARCAN is just one product in a comprehensive program to reduce the costs of medical products used by participating agencies. Contact Premier for additional information on other products or visit the Naloxone or Viekira Pak details. 


Subject to terms and conditions including minimum order.

Flu Vaccine Pre-Booking Program

The Premier Flu Vaccine Pre-Booking Program—one of the most comprehensive influenza vaccine product portfolios of any group purchasing organizationis now available to U.S. Communities' participating agencies! Through our designated distributor, FFF Enterprises, you'll enjoy favorable pricing and payments terms, as well as rebates from the nation's leading manufacturers.

Make sure you plan in advance and pre-book today! Request more information from Premier or have someone contact you.  

FFF Flu Vaccine Distribution Program Overview

Requested delivery date and order confirmation at time of order - Plan flu clinics in advance with confidence! Know when you place your order exactly how much you will receive and exactly when!

Three Ordering Options:

  1. Online: MyFluVaccine.com (no deposit required, Order online 24/7)
  2. Phone: (800) 843-7477 (personalized service between 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST)
  3. Fax: (800) 418-4333

One stop shopping accommodates ages 6 months and above - Access to 14 vaccine presentations applicable to several age ranges and other considerations, such as thimerosal content, through a single source.

Changes allowed - Modify your order at any time up until July 1, 2018. FFF understands usage estimates can fluctuate. Changes made on some brands may affect price and return policy

Delivery - Shipment dates starting as early as August and continuing through October-simply select the delivery dates of your choice!

Price Guarantee - FFF's policy is to NEVER raise prices regardless of market conditions.

No deposit and excellent payment terms - Make payment upon receipt of the invoice with 0.25% 20 days, net 60 day terms.

Returns - Up to 30% of doses, per presentation type, are eligible for return for Seqirus, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi Pasteur.

Download Order Form

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If already a participating agency, proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: Request a Market Basket Analysis

Request Market Basket

Learn more about a free Market Basket Analysis (if interested in comparing pricing) or proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Enroll to use the contract

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To use the contract, please complete the Premier enrollment form. 

If interested in a specific distributor, learn more under Shipping & Distribution. You will still need to follow these three steps above. For NARCAN Nasal Spray, follow additional steps under NARCAN. You will need to follow these three steps prior to ordering through NARCAN Direct.

Learn more about this contract awarded by Dane County, WI who saved a minimum of 5%

Recently, Maricopa County has completed an analysis of the new U.S. Communities Premier Healthcare contract versus the presently used county cooperative contract.  Without changing vendors, only cooperative contract vehicles, the county will save an estimated $100,000 annually."
James Foley, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, Maricopa County