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Why Rehrig Pacific

Rehrig Pacific Company uses a consultative approach to identify how they can best serve your customers, integrate technology to eliminate waste and enhance the customer’s experience, and provide simple and easy to implement solutions with a focus on sustainability. This competitively-solicited contract, by Miami-Dade County, can help agencies save with their waste and recycling solutions. 

Through our people, approach and infrastructure, Rehrig Pacific has over thirty years of experience in bringing this type of value to the waste and recycling industry from providing recycling bins in the late 1980s to providing large roll-out carts, commercial containers and asset management programs today.

  • Highly engineered roll-out carts, commercial containers and recycling bins
  • Actionable business intelligence in truck and container assets
  • On-street services such as assembly and distribution, container maintenance and route auditing
  • Manufacturing, delivery and tracking of all assets
  • Provides ongoing asset management through technology and focused labor that lowers the total cost ownership, enhancing revenue and reducing operating costs
  • Offers an industry leading non-prorated 10 year warranty on carts, 5 year on bins and 3 year on commercial containers
  • Largest manufacturing capacity in the industry with seven U.S. facilities, six producing roll-out carts, strategically located throughout the country
  • National footprint of service locations provide you with the focused labor support needed to meet your key goals
  • Supports sustainability through reducing/reusing/recycling, zero-waste production, reducing carbon footprint, and truly closing the loop.
  • Nearly all products are 100% recyclable and recycled material is in our product manufacturing
Carts & Containers

Roll-out Carts

Rehrig Pacific roll-out carts are built to withstand the rigors of any collection system for years of cost-effective service. Your customers want roll-out carts that are right for their purpose, easy to handle, stand up to a beating and remain aesthetically pleasing over the long term.

Proven to withstand the rigors of both fully and semi-automated collection systems like yours, Rehrig Pacific’s roll-out carts are available in a wide range of sizes, for nearly any curbside application — including refuse, organic waste and recyclables — these carts roll easily even with heavy loads. The continuous one-piece handle provides a strong gripping area and the wide wheelbase makes maneuvering easy. Features include:

  • Integrated upper lift skirt
  • Non-penetrating grab bar
  • Shipped with grab bars and lids assembled
  • Fully visible bar codes and serial numbers when stacked
  • Stacks 13 units high; ship 702 units per trailer load
  • ¾" diameter corrosion resistant steel axel
  • 10" diameter blow molded snap-on wheels
  • One piece molded handle
  • Large smooth areas for logos and slogans
  • Hot stamp branded logos and serial numbers


  • Choice of standard or optional colors if color match required
  • Lids and containers may have different colors
  • Molded-in text inserts for top and underside of lid
  • Coditherm printed bar code labels and RFID tags
  • Multi-color heat transfer and in-mold labels available
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) technology

Commercial Containers

Rehrig Pacific commercial containers are rugged, dent-resistant container solutions 1/3 lighter than heavy metal that are also ideal for noise-sensitive areas. Available in front load and rear load models, our innovative designs embody true strength, durability and quiet operation allowing neighbor friendly drop-offs and collection in noise-sensitive areas. Developed with the specific goal of improving safety and lowering total cost of ownership, Rehrig's rugged, all-plastic commercial containers weigh an average of nearly 60% less than traditional steel dumpsters, significantly reducing the risk of collection injuries while minimizing ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

You’ll appreciate the other advantages of Rehrig Pacific Commercial Containers:

  • Ideal for quiet pick-up and disposal
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable
  • Graffiti can be wiped off using simple cleaners
  • Eight (8) standard colors that won’t fade and never need painting
  • Custom colors are available
  • Recessed lid-grip areas on the top rim for protected access to lid
  • Large smooth areas for stickers or branded logos and slogans
  • Optional in-mold labels allow for intricate multi-color graphics and messages
  • High-impact, UV-stabilized polyethylene resin that won’t rust or corrode and cleans easily
  • Pockets and hinge supports are integrally molded, not fastened-on, while top rims are heavily reinforced to add strength where it’s needed most
  • Front load containers have replaceable pocket sleeves that add sidewall thickness and protection against puncturing by fork tines
  • Both models have molded-in floor beams that provide support and stepped sidewalls provide stiffness to avoid bottom sagging and sidewall bowing
  • Lids are crowned so they won’t collect water and will remain rigid.
  • Fiberglass hinge rods are substantially supported over their entire length providing long-life and smooth lid operation
  • Dent resistant and easily repairable


RVision is a cloud-based platform solution that optimizes profits for a waste hauler’s investment in both mobile (fleet) and non-mobile (container) assets. It aims to provide business intelligence through data aggregation, integration and extrapolation through a user experience that is both functionally intuitive and customizable for a unique user experience for all users. The platform strives to provide a one-stop shop for a hauler’s needs no matter what level the user is within the organization.

RVision will tie all of the necessary information together into one user friendly user interface, giving the user access to valuable data modules that display information related to: Container Inventory and Asset Management, Safety, Vehicle Diagnostics, Route Science & Driver Productivity, and Service Verification & Productivity Confirmation and Exception Reporting. RVision can roll up data, such as inventory status, location, availability, productivity, safety events, etc. from various divisions or locations within an organization providing visibility to key decision makers. 

In-Field Services

Rehrig Pacific provides effective container management using an in-field service team and RFID tracking to manage day-to-day work orders; monitor container inventories; handle customer requests for services, repairs or termination; schedule maintenance and change-outs for all plastic containers; manage container inventories, replacements and warranty claims; and set up local maintenance operations in your area.

Facilities Solutions

Rehrig Pacific Company has grown to become a world-leading manufacturer of roll-out carts, recycle bins and commercial containers for the waste and recycling collection industry. Rehrig Pacific offers a growing number of container asset management and service tracking hardware and software systems.

The Company's proven success comes from focusing on:
  • The customers' customer needs
  • Integrating technology to eliminate waste
  • Enhance the consumer's experience
  • Continually delivering solutions that are simple and easy to implement
  • Providing ideas that are driven by a relentless commitment to sustainability

Download the product sheets to learn more about Rehrig's latest cart solutions:

Creating value with intelligent environmental solutions

We make municipal collection programs smarter and more profitable. In partnership with our clients, we develop cost effective and sustainable solutions that improve asset management, enhance collection safety and efficiency, reduce costs and build better relationships with the customer.

Improve operational visibility and maximize ROI

Rehrig Pacific IT Specialists create powerful and comprehensive solutions for our partners that reduce expenses and increase revenue through more intelligent asset/inventory management. Our proprietary turnkey solutions are proven to improve sustainability and generate data that minimizes capital loss, improves billing and reduces labor costs.

Reduce risk and gain measurable savings

Whatever the application — from the collection of waste at the curbside to the collection and disposal of Regulated Medical Waste from a healthcare facility, Rehrig Pacific designs innovative, ergonomic and sustainable solutions that minimize the risk of injury, improve collection safety and reduce operational costs.

Enhance your customer’s experience

Waste and recycling collection containers are valuable assets, and play a critical role in lowering costs, increasing revenues and improving sustainability. Rehrig Pacific efficiently manages these assets to reduce operational costs, prevent capital loss, increase collection and enhance material revenue streams.

Advance your sustainability objectives

We develop better methods for our customers to track, manage and reduce waste, and we have the recycling infrastructure to completely support cart, container and #2 HDPE reclamation. This increases the recycled content in all of the products we manufacture.

Getting Started

How do I place an order with Rehrig Pacific? 
You must be a registered participant to utilize the U.S. Communities contract. If not, please Register to Participate. To order or request more information, Request Contact or call 800-421-6244.

What is the warranty like on carts and containers?  Does the agency need a special truck to come get these items?
Rehrig has a non-prorated 10-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The arrangement to dispose of the warranty containers is the decision of the municipality.  

How do you work with sub-contractors for pickup of trash units/recycling?Rehrig Pacific is a manufacturer and is not involved in the process of awarding any contracts for the pick-up of containers. The municipality is responsible for servicing the containers.




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