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Multifunction Devices & Managed Print Services

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Ricoh is committed to assisting governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations with your document management needs. Through our relationship with U.S. Communities, Ricoh is uniquely positioned to help your organization take full advantage of the latest digital technology. U.S. Communities participants now have a publicly-solicited cooperative contract that allows them to take advantage of the full power of Ricoh’s technology and services lineups. Ricoh is assisting organization, both public and private in addressing their information security and compliance, sustainability efforts, process improvement and cost optimization efforts. 

About Ricoh Americas Corporation

Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group, operates in more than 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2011, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 1,942 billion yen (approx. 23 billion USD).

The majority of the company's revenue comes from products, solutions and services that improve the interaction between people and information. Ricoh also produces award-winning digital cameras and specialized industrial products. It is known for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its customer service and sustainability initiatives.

Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change., Ricoh helps companies transform the way they work and harness the collective imagination of their employees. 

Products & Services

Award winning networked office devices

  • World-wide market share leader
  • Eco Friendly (zero-to-waste manufacturing | reduced energy consumption | Energy Star compliancy | devices are 98% recyclable)
  • Security compliant hard drives and processes

Technical hardware services
Industry leading technical service representatives to provide consistent performance levels and maximum uptime

Managed Print/Document Services (MPS/MDS)
provides customers an opportunity to:

  • Assess and find opportunities for cost-savings in printer fleet
  • Right-size and manage entire network print fleet
  • Change Management that enables organizations to change employee printing behavior
  • Migrate from manual to digital workflows that will reduce printing throughout the organization
  • Allow organizations to outsource non-core competencies

Software/Workflow Solutions for workflow improvement and cost containment. Ricoh provides end-to-end solutions designed to address document management needs at all phases of the document lifecycle

  • Scan to back office applications (document management system | CRM | Share Point)
  • Print and copy management / tracking / bill back
  • Process Automation (fax server, communication, notification) 

On-site, off-site and hybrid Managed Services to support the entire document lifecycle.

  • Technology Services (proactive network management, security)
  • Management of non-core competencies (on-site employees, fleet management)

    • Copy and Scan Centers, Mailroom Management, Records Management
    • Shipping and Fulfillment, Courier
    • Reception, Conference Room Setup and more

Proactive IT Services

  • Outsourced Network Support Services
  • VoIP Integration

Commercial Imaging services

  • Back-file scanning of legacy documents on-site or at secure processing centers to integrate into digital workflow and meet federal compliancy
  • Overflow printing services
  • Outsourced accounts payable and receivables solutions
  • Electronic Discovery for legal departments
Core Competencies

  • Sales and Service for all Document Management devices

    • Multi-Function Devices (Color / Black and White)
    • Desktop Printers
    • Fax Machines
    • Wide-Format Copy, Print, Scanners
    • Production Devices
    • Presentation projectors

  • Distribution Network

    • Over 450 local Ricoh Family Dealers (Ricoh, Savin and Lanier) and Direct sales locations nationally

  • Professional Services

    • Nationwide network of consultants and experts in

      •   Document/print management
      •   Process automation

IT Outsourcing Services


mindSHIFT® Technologies, a Ricoh® company, provides IT Outsourcing and Managed Cloud services that help organizations grow and improve performance. We serve organizations in all industries with specialized offerings for K-12 schools, colleges and universities and non-profits.

Strategic Thought Partner

Our relationship starts with high level consultations, technology guidance and thought leadership sessions where we understand your short and long-term objectives. Then we work with you to create a technology roadmap, budget plans, processes, and tasks for integrating technology with your organization’s strategy and delivering exceptional value. We ensure there is a baseline from which we can plan, implement, innovate and measure success.

IT Outsourcing Services

Network services: We help customers achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich networking infrastructure that can support innovation and deliver business value.

Datacenter services: mindSHIFT datacenter services help  integrate traditional systems and new architectures into a dynamic, open-standards-based infrastructure.

Cloud Services: mindSHIFT provides state of the art cloud infrastructure services that can integrate with public clouds to create software-defined networks that scale up or down on demand.  Customers are able to connect, collect and feed intelligent assets and applications to create new insights.

Virtualization Services: Virtualization platforms allow organizations to create software defined networks as an alternative to fixed, hardware-centric infrastructures.

Mobility Services: To balance the needs for increased data accessibility and security, mindSHIFT’s mobility services help detect and mitigate risks to business operations while providing users the freedom to work anywhere, with any device, at any time.

Security Services: Organizations subject to PCI, HIPAA, FINRA or FFIEC mandates, or needing to meet compliance requirements that adhere to the HITRUST framework should consider mindSHIFT’s IT Security, Risk and Compliance Services. mindSHIFT provides External Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration (Pen) Testing and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment services under agreements customized for each customer’s needs.

Desktop Services: mindSHIFT desktop services help accelerate your organization’s transition to newer operating systems, or to cloud models, allowing you to mitigate the risks and costs associated with end-of-life technology.

Backup & Recovery Services: With virtually every aspect of your business vulnerable to disruption, you can trust mindSHIFT professionals to help protect your email, business critical data, user generated content and improve overall resiliency.

Classroom in the Cloud: Whether it is providing a high throughput wireless network to support PARCC or Common Core online testing with Chromebooks, that is monitored to insure high QoS (quality of service) during testing periods, or integrated networks with SMART Boards™, laptops, printers, web content filtering and VoIP phone systems, mindSHIFT is a single source provider for the Classroom in the Cloud.

Network Operations Center: As you add more users, our dedicated Help Desk is there to support all your devices, systems, and applications. From a state of the art Network Operations Center, located in the U.S., our engineers monitor and remediate issues involving hardware, software, network, QoS levels, data backups, and endpoint and network security.  

Local Onsite Support: The third level of support we can provide is onsite deployment of technicians. With multiple offices nationwide, mindSHIFT services customers with local consulting and professional services as available, including custom application development, database management, server and application migrations, network cabling and break\fix repairs.

Delivering IT Peace of Mind (sm):Backed by over 800 engineers nationwide with almost 200 technology certifications, Delivering IT Peace of Mind isn’t just a slogan – It’s how we serve customers every day.


How do I start working with Ricoh IT Services /mindSHIFT Technologies?

To utilize the contract between U.S. Communities and Ricoh, you must have a U.S. Communities specific account set up with Ricoh. There are two easy ways to get started:

Managed IT and Cloud Services


For organizations looking to increase their IT staff productivity by having them focus on more strategic projects, rather than day-to-day operational tasks, mindSHIFT® provides Managed IT and Cloud services.

We can provide configuration updates, policy and access management, intelligent patch management, firmware and security updates, 24x7x365 remote monitoring, Help Desk, problem remediation, lifecycle management, onsite support, and vendor warranty management for a wide spectrum of IT assets and systems. These services are provided on a subscription or pay as you go model.

Managed Cloud Services

Private Clouds: Hosted private and hybrid clouds powered by mindSHIFT

Datacenter: Virtual data centers and virtual servers on demand

Recovery: Disaster recovery and high availability cloud services

Public Clouds:
Managed services for AWS, Microsoft® Cloud and VMware® vCloud Air™

Cloud Hosting: Private clouds for Sitecore®, SharePoint®, eCommerce, ERP and IBMi® systems

Cloud Apps: Cloud applications for office, email, archiving, security, VoIP-based phone systems, storage, enterprise file sync & share, content filtering, and enterprise backup

Managed IT Services

Managed infrastructure Hardware: Physical and virtual servers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, routers, firewalls, SANs, MPLS circuits, SMART boards, printers

Managed End User Systems: Windows® OS, Exchange®, Citrix®, Active Directory, SharePoint®, VMware®, Office 365®, Sitecore®, VoIP Phone systems, SQL®, Oracle® (contact us for a full list)

Managed Networks: LANs, Wireless Access Points, VLANs, Cloud, VPN, Internet connections

Managed Security: Antivirus, Spyware, Spam Management, Web, Email, Device and Data encryption and security

Managed IBM® Power Systems™: mindSHIFT provides specialized implementation, colocation, hosting, HLPARs (an LPAR on a server owned, hosted and maintained by mindSHIFT), and a number of high availability and disaster recovery management services for your IBM Power Systems (including AS/400®, iSeries® System i®, pSeries® and AIX®

Engineering driven, customer focused: Of the more than 900 people who work at mindSHIFT, 85% are engineers, technology consultants, architects, business analysts and developers who, as a group, hold over 200 cross technology certifications in Windows, networking, cloud, virtualization, database, security, communications and various application technologies.

How do I start working with Ricoh IT Services /mindSHIFT Technologies?

To utilize the contract between U.S. Communities and Ricoh, you must have a U.S. Communities specific account set up with Ricoh. There are two easy ways to get started:

Success Stories

Maricopa County Attorney's Office

With over 35,000 felony criminal cases a year and a robust civil roster MACO has been able to leverage Open Axes as a Ricoh eDiscovery Managed Services to provide a cost effect solution that is streamlining their business processes. With the new data filtering and tagging features available they are able to cull down the same about of data that previously took them 6 weeks, in just 3.5 hours. Learn More.

Shawnee Mission School District

Ricoh helps Shawnee Mission School District significantly lower costs, encourage greater collaboration, revitalize its print center, reduce its environmental impact and make information work for all of its teachers, students and staff. Results include 50% drop in printing, $750,000 hard costs/paper savings and over 5,000 trees saved. Learn More.

City of Ocean City, NJ

By completing a comparison of cooperative contracts and choosing the U.S. Communities' Ricoh contract The City of Ocean City, NJ was able to save $225,585 over a 60-month contract, save on paper and per copy costs, eliminate downtime for users and toner expenses for maintaining separate fax machines. Learn More.


Acquisition pricing includes delivery, equipment installation, supply freight charges*, and initial basic print and scan connectivity installation of multi-function devices (MFD) (except production systems and advanced MFD solutions enablers).

Initial print connectivity is defined as configuration of the MFD for the proper network protocols and installation of the appropriate print drivers on up to five (5) workstations per unit ordered. Initial scan connectivity is defined as the configuration of the MFD to scan to one (1) network folder and/or one (1) email address per unit ordered. Additional basic installation services beyond this initial set up at available at the hourly rate of $150.

*Customers in extreme rural areas, such as Hawaii and Alaska, will incur additional delivery charges. Customers who require expedited shipping for items such as supplies will also incur additional delivery charges. 

  • Up to 70% Discount from MSRP. 
  • Service pricing for Ricoh hardware is fixed (no escalation) for 5 years on cash purchases. 
  • Service pricing for Ricoh hardware under lease programs are fixed (no escalation) for the original term of the lease. 


  • Contract 4400003732 was publicly solicited and awarded by Fairfax County, Virginia, which in most cases satisfies the local bidding requirements.
  • Nationally negotiated contracts for equipment purchase, lease and maintenance, as well as services contracts that address outsourced labor, professional and consulting opportunities.
  • Detailed service level agreements
  • Non-appropriation language and performance guarantees for true government organizations
  • Authorized customers may choose local Ricoh USA sales branches or the more than 450 Ricoh Family of Ricoh, Savin and Lanier dealers.
  • Contract 4400003732 includes Ricoh’s complete catalog of hardware products, services and solutions.

    Ricoh is the world market share leader in Multi-Function Devices (MFD’s).  Our full catalog of MFD’s, printers, digital duplicators, facsimile machines and wide-format systems are accessible through this award.  In addition, Ricoh’s offering includes hardware capabilities for a one-stop shop for your document output needs, such as: MICR Solutions, Coin-ops, Binding Equipment, Projectors and Smart Boards.

    Software and Services
    Ricoh’s comprehensive portfolio and commitment to innovation, security, sustainability and cost-containing solutions can help address your document management needs.  Ricoh has helped public and private organizations in managing print fleets, streamlining manual or paper-based workflows and processes, conversion of paper backfiles and day-forward scanning, outsourcing non-core labor functions, proactively manage networks and much more.


How do I place an order with Ricoh?

  1. Locate a dealer in your area. 
  2. Select location.
  3. Select product category you are interested in.

Can we use local dealers with this contract?
Yes, there are over 600 direct branch and independent authorized dealer locations from coast to coast.

What acquisition methods are available?
Cash Purchase, 6-72 month Operating (Fair Market Value) or Capital ($1 Buyout leases).

Is there a rental plan available?
Yes. Check with your local provider for availability and pricing.  Note that rentals are designed for short term needs and typically are not as cost-effective as lease programs.

Fairfax County negotiated six different agreements for purchase, leases, maintenance agreements, software financing, on/off-site labor, professional and IT services. View Ricoh Contract for more information.

For some public organizations, Ricoh may be able to simply use a customer’s purchase order as the sole contracting document for the transaction. Ricoh has specific language that must be included on the PO, or listed on a separate document, titled “Attachment”, “Appendix” or similar. That document would then be referenced in the PO. Below is the language for leases and purchases.

Lease + Maintenance
This Purchase Order incorporates by reference the lease and maintenance terms and conditions outlined in the U.S. Communities Master Lease Agreement (Rev. 04/15) and U.S. Communities Equipment Sale and Maintenance Agreement of U.S. Communities Contract No. 4400003732, as amended, which terms and conditions (a) shall supersede all conflicting other terms and conditions of this Purchase Order, whether annexed or incorporated into this Purchase Order, and (b) to the extent applicable, are amended by the U.S. Communities addendum attached to this Purchase Order. All references to “Schedule” in the Contract shall mean this Purchase Order whether executed or not.

Purchase and/or Maintenance
This Purchase Order incorporates by reference the terms and conditions in the U.S. Communities Equipment Sale and Maintenance Agreement of U.S. Communities Contract No. 4400003732, as amended, which terms and conditions shall supersede all conflicting other terms and conditions of this Purchase Order, whether annexed or incorporated into this Purchase Order.

Are supplies included in my maintenance pricing?
For multi-function devices (MFD’s), maintenance pricing includes all parts, labor and supplies (including staples, but excluding paper). For other hardware, such as printers, duplicators and wide-format devices the maintenance program includes parts and labor, but no supplies.  It is possible to be quoted a supply-inclusive maintenance agreement on printers through the Managed Print Services portion of this award, when requested.

What is Managed Document Services (MDS)? How is this different than Managed Print Services (MPS)?
Ricoh builds on the traditional MPS model that focuses on output devices and print management. This can be as simple as providing break/fix maintenance on your current printer fleet to a full-scale analysis of all printing throughout your organization.

Ricoh MDS addresses the business practices surrounding the management of both print and electronic information. 

Is it possible to enter into a purchase, lease or service agreement that has a term that extends past the current contract expiration date?
Yes, because the contract was set up in the current award period, all terms, conditions and pricing for any agreement executed prior to the end of the current award #440003732 will be honored and remain in effect for the term of that contract. This includes any and all service level agreements (SLA's).

Where can I find the product pricing?
Current pricing through in the member login site or can be provided by your Ricoh Family Group local sales representative.


Maricopa County Attorney's Office in AZ utilizes Ricoh to provide a cost-effective solution that is streamlining their business processes and help with selecting data that previously took them 6 weeks, in just 3.5 hours. Read the full case study.