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As a leading global provider of integrated building systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, Trane offers the solutions to unleash the potential of your buildings.

Buildings are an important component of our society and they impact the sustainability of our world. Our building professionals go beyond the data and beyond the individual components and systems to maximize the building's performance.

We do this by offering industry-leading efficient and connected indoor comfort systems that are maintained, analyzed and improved by our world-class services business to maximize the building's potential. We are a global business committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring results.

ESCO/Energy Contracting

Trane unleashes the potential of buildings. As an energy company, and the leader in Connected Building Solutions, we leverage data and expertise to help customers identify opportunities to be more energy efficient and sustainable—and then prove the payoffs by documenting the results.

We're not just identifying ways to make buildings better. We're doing it. As one of the nation's leading energy service contractors, and a Department of Energy (DOE) qualified energy services provider, Trane is delivering over $1.2 billion in guaranteed savings to our customers.

Whether you want to begin with a simple, one-time project or a guaranteed performance contract Trane is the ESCO partner you already know and trust: a local partner with national support.

Georgia World Congress Center Authority

Energy Services

Energy impacts an organization in many different ways - operational costs, capital availability, risk and resiliency, performance and sustainability.

We partner with our clients to understand how energy effects their business, taking into consideration their assets, vision and goals. We help navigate energy purchasing strategies, energy sourcing, storage, consumption, and optimize overall efficiency. We do this with over a 100 years of buildings and energy experience, cutting edge technology, and dedicated people to help advice and see it through to results.

Whether it's to increase capacity, be more sustainable, improve comfort, or reduce risk and volatility, we'll help make buildings better - for the people who occupy them and the organizations that thrive in them.

See how we could help your organization:

Connected Buildings

As an industry leader in Connected Building Solutions, Trane goes beyond unparalleled HVAC systems, industry-leading automation, energy management services, engineering expertise, and basic knowledge to help you transform the hidden potential of your building

  • Control your building - sensors, equipment and automation, plus the connective services and expertise you need to collect the data and gain the insight that leads to better control.
  • Command your building from anywhere - dashboards and mobile interfaces allow you to securely access current information and run systems from anywhere, giving you more freedom and making you more productive.
  • Integrate more building systems - scalable applications simplify the integration of our HVAC systems to other building systems-lighting, security and water-both existing and new.
  • Optimize your building - leveraging data that's collected from your building. Trane Intelligent Services can provide the analytics that tell you where your building is running well, where things could be better, and what you can do about it.


The Trane contract through U.S. Communities is extensive and provides a large offering of products, labor solutions and services. The following highlights our equipment offering but it is not restricted to these items. If you have a question, please reach out to a member of the Trane Cooperative Team.

  • All Trane commercial equipment including all unitary, terminal units and heating products procured domestically
  • Trane building automation equipment to the extent that it is coupled with installation of both new and/or retrofit of BAS systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Frequency Drives
  • Ductless split systems & VRF products
  • Pumps
  • Boilers, hot water heaters and water specialties
  • Modular chillers
  • Dust collection systems & servicing
  • TAS packaged central plants
  • Evaporcool evaporative process cooling
  • Dynamic air filtration
  • Genesis conversion (photo catalytic oxidation) technology
  • Heat recovery air handlers
  • Unit ventilators
  • Trane parts in conjunction with Trane contracted repair and retrofit of existing Trane equipment as well as over the counter purchases

Trane Terminal — Versatility and Flexibility

The Trane® portfolio of fan coil, unit ventilator and blower coil solutions is designed to make installations faster and easier, and to maximize HVAC system performance. Using advanced technology, these systems reliably and efficiently deliver the comfort your building occupants need.

Trane Performance Climate Changer Outdoor Portfolio

Designed to deliver increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort to serve the wide variety of applications.

Trane Air-Fi Wireless: Easy, Flexible, Reliable

Trane® Air-Fi™ is the easy, flexible and reliable way to operate your HVAC system. Because Air-Fi is wireless and components are pre-programmed and factory-addressed, installation and reconfiguration are easy. Our lifetime batteries and self-healing mesh technology mean that the whole system is reliable. Come on. Join the revolution.

Trane Intelligent Services: Uncover the Opportunities

Trane® Intelligent Services use building and systems data to help you uncover opportunities to save money, save energy and improve your building’s performance – now and into the future.

Turn Key Solutions

The Trane contract through U.S. Communities is extensive and provides a large offering of products, labor solutions and services. The following highlights our labor-based solutions offering but it is not restricted to the list below. If you have a question, please reach out to a member of the Trane Cooperative Team.

  • Training-both local and factory providing skill building, educational programs and certifications
  • Equipment startups
  • HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing installation including complete turnkey replacements, new construction, renovation and new construction projects
  • Included are any ancillary labor tasks, related to HVAC, refrigeration or plumbing installations
  • System commissioning and reporting analytics
  • All types of monitoring such as man-in-attendance, BAS remote monitoring and Intelligent Services
  • Predictive maintenance such as oil, refrigerant and vibration analysis
  • All types of repair services with coverage (full, partial and preventive) on all existing HVAC equipment types and brand names and plumbing fixtures and systems
  • All types of maintenance services including full and preventive maintenance contracts as well as time & material contracts
  • Remanufacturing services including Trane’s exclusive R’Newal programs
  • Outsourcing of chilled and hot water by providing plants owned by Trane and leased to the governmental entity
  • Adsil coatings as required on all HVAC equipment
  • Equipment modifications as it relates to either a new construction or retrofit project including custom fabrication
  • Filter change outs, contract maintenance and over the counter sales
  • Warranty services and extended parts and labor warranties
  • All turnkey contracting including engineering, architectural and general contract work as it relates to the HVAC refrigeration and plumbing requirements
  • Air and water balancing
  • Building Automation analytics and Energy Optics programs
  • Gas and electric short and long term analytics through Fellon-McCord
Building Services

The Trane contract through U.S. Communities is extensive and provides a large offering of products, labor solutions and services. The following highlights our services offering but it is not restricted to the list below. If you have a question, please reach out to a member of the Trane Cooperative Team.

  • Financial services such as leasing (all types), prompt pay discounting, anticipation discounting, guaranteed savings programs and long term financing solutions
  • Site surveys of existing facilities
  • Rental HVAC equipment from Trane Rental Services
  • System analysis of existing facilities including modeling and payback analysis
  • Project management services such as contract managing and analysis of bids and budget prioritization
  • Long range school planning and facility audits
  • Indoor Air Quality services such as appraisals, filtration analysis and remediation
  • Data management services of existing facilities via ComfortSite
  • Estimating resources for budgeting of projects
  • Engineering and architectural services such as MEP, structural and civil
  • "Services" General Work Order
  • Contracting for packaged enhanced solutions
  • Facilities Management program

Trane Supply can partner with you to help you reach your facility goals by keeping your HVAC systems well maintained and running at their highest efficiency throughout their lifecycle.

Our proven success in delivering high performance HVAC systems, parts and maintenance, our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, and our reputation for reliability combined with advanced innovation makes us your ideal partner in the education sector.


For more than 50 years, Trane has provided solutions for high performance classrooms and sustainable schools that are fiscally and environmentally responsible, and significantly improve the quality and cost-effective delivery of education.

Our full portfolio of energy efficient HVAC equipment, cutting edge building controls and dedicated technicians are only part of the story. Our real strength is the consultative approach we take to helping school districts identify and implement the classroom conditions that are essential to learning. Trane energy education programs are designed to build students' appreciation for the environment and their surroundings by raising their understanding of the many ways that buildings impact their everyday lives.

It's a fact - students perform best in high performance schools where the physical learning environment is comfortable, quiet, well-ventilated and well-lit.

Learn more about Trane K-12 Solutions

Higher Education

Trane offers some of the world's most effective and financially appealing solutions for a sustainable campus. Our campus-wide approach to saving energy and reducing operational costs helps colleges and universities shift more dollars back into core educational priorities, and keep tuition in check.

We support the mission of higher education-helping raise performance by improving the learning environment and living conditions and creating healthy, sustainable and efficient campuses across the nation

Learn More about Trane's Higher Education Solutions

Emergency Preparedness

When disaster strikes, what it will take to get your facility back up and running?

From natural disasters to everyday mechanical failures, all facilities face some level of risk due to power, HVAC or compressed air failure. While an emergency might just mean a minor discomfort due to lack of temperature control, it also could result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars because of lost productivity.

The importance of preparing for the unexpected can't be overemphasized. That's why Trane developed a Contingency Planning Process. The process will walk you through the steps of determining your financial risks and controlling your indoor environment to protect your most valuable assets. It will also help you gain peace of mind knowing that your facility can withstand any HVAC emergency and be back up and running quickly. An effective contingency plan can:

  • Shorten the time needed to acquire, install and start up temporary power, HVAC or compressed air systems.
  • Ensure all parties involved in dealing with the outage are aware of their roles and trained in the processes and actions needed to work through the problem.
  • Lower the total cost of the temporary solutions.
  • Reduce startup delays caused by oversights or problems resulting from improvised designs.
  • Improve facility operations by identifying and reducing weaknesses in the system.

Case Study

St. Lucie County School District 

St. Lucie County School District reduces utility costs by $5 million a year with a Trane chiller plant with thermal energy storage upgrade.

River Trails School District #26

Homestead High School


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