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Through the U.S. Communities contract, UNICOM Government (formerly GTSI) is responding to the business challenges of state and local government agencies with solutions that provide a wide breadth of technology products and professional services. Utilizing an extensive staff of certified engineers and project managers, UNICOM Government has designed and delivered a full range of IT infrastructure solutions including server virtualization, unified communications, document management, physical security, and asset management. With a wealth of past performance, UNICOM Government will continue to meet public agency needs—whether that consists of simple product configuration or consultation and assessment for more complex IT projects. UNICOM Government has enhanced its offering to public agencies via this contract with support services for products, Green product and solutions reporting, and financial services that help state and local governments procure the technology they need despite budgetary constraints.

Financial Services

UNICOM Government Financial Services offers alternate acquisition options to the traditional outright purchase. UNICOM Government provides the flexibility to eliminate the responsibility of ownership and helps Government customers restructure IT expenses. The pay-for-use and leasing options enable customers to align predictable payments with business objectives.

As a result, customers retain a single source for IT assets, services, and financing. Further, UNICOM Government enables Government customers to reduce total cost of ownership and resource outlays, accelerate project completion, obtain the best-of-breed technology, and build refresh cycles so technology remains current.

Four types of financing options provides customers with the ability to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget restraints: Lease-To-Own Plan (LTOP), Lease-With-Option-To-Own (LWOO), Total Lifecycle Management (TLM), and Alternative Payment Plans (APP).

TLM is a multi-phased approach that encompasses the planning, design, acquisition, implementation, and management of all the elements in an IT infrastructure.

Water Conservation

With the recent surge in U.S. droughts, capabilities to detect water leaks and manage water usage in real time are imperative. UNICOM Government's Water Conservation Solution addresses city and county needs to track, analyze, and report the use of natural resources, faster. Through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system deployment, our solution enables users to measure, collect, analyze and monitor usage in real time. Our engineers work closely with IT and utilities departments to establish project priorities and clear lines of communication.

Our solution helps you:

  • Measure: Accurately record natural resource usage via digital flow meters at endpoints.
  • Collect: Gather data with wireless flow meters and transmit data through the city wireless network. Expand existing networks to reach required city areas.
  • Analyze: Review data stored in the cloud to detect issues in water, gas, or electrical networks.
  • Monitor: View usage in real time to improve billing accuracy.
Physical Security

UNICOM Government's (UGI) Physical Security Solutions are specifically developed to enable organizations to implement effective infrastructure defense strategies. UGI has extensive past performance working with Government agencies protecting Critical Infrastructure. Whether it's video surveillance, analytics, access control, intrusion detection, video management systems, security operations centers, or video storage technologies, each solution is designed, deployed, managed, and supported by UGI's physical security experts. Drawing on our extensive experience and numerous certifications in security, networking, and storage technologies, UGI engineering teams provide customized plans that enhance overall system and physical security.

Through access control, analytics, body-worn cameras, IP-based video surveillance, and storage technologies, our solutions:

  • Automate alarms and alerts, including fire and smoke alarm systems
  • Control identity management
  • Defend perimeters
  • Integrate databases containing critical security information
  • Provide physical and logical access control
  • Support antiterrorism/force protection (ATFP)

Backed by key certifications in security, networking, and storage technologies, UNICOM Government's experienced team provides reliable Physical Security solutions, customized to meet specific agency needs and keep infrastructure secure.

Law Enforcement

As law enforcement agencies at the state and local level work to fight crime in an increasingly complex environment, they are turning to technology to encourage safer day-to-day routines, lower operational costs, enhance law enforcement training, and help strengthen accountability.

UNICOM Government's technology-based Law Enforcement Solutions include: 

  • Body-worn cameras
  • Components to store and/or stream video back to headquarters
  • In-car video systems
  • License plate readers
  • Surveillance cameras

Office Technology Includes:

  • Command centers
  • Communications management systems
  • Data centers
  • Interrogation rooms
  • NextGen 911
  • Records management systems
  • Video redaction

Emergency Management Solution
UNICOM Government's Emergency Management Solution is designed to withstand natural and man made disasters. Our NextGeneration 911 system offers the ability to pinpoint callers to bring together various communication platforms and pull in live video feeds from devices.

Video as Evidence Solution
UNICOM Government's Video as Evidence Solution is supports the growing demand for body cameras. Our Video as Evidence Solution for law enforcement encompasses the entire chain of custody from video capture from multiple inputs, to evidentiary requests for court, to archiving.

Unified Communications

In today's work-anywhere world, agencies need new communications capabilities to accommodate expanding telework policies and multiplying worksites. UNICOM Government's communication solutions are designed to improve collaboration and worker productivity.

By converging voice, data, and video communications into a single secure IP-based network, the Unified Communications solution provides enterprise-grade IP capabilities to achieve mission-critical objectives, collaboration requirements, and budget goals.

From traditional desk phones to the latest IP-based communications solutions, UNICOM Government's on-premise and cloud-based solutions offer scalability, security, redundancy, and real-time network management to improve employee productivity, reduce travel costs, and minimize carbon footprints. Our technology lifecycle management approach includes analysis, design, implementation, management training, and financial services.

We offer:

  • Professional AV Teleconferencing
  • Digital Signage Networks
  • Presentation Systems
  • Telepresence
  • Integrated, Portable and Desktop VTC Solutions
  • Control Systems Design
  • Acoustic Modeling, Sound Reinforcement and Noise Masking
  • Digital Signage
  • Streaming, Content Storage, and Delivery
  • Command, Control and Communications
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Traditional Desk Phones and Soft-Phones
Broadcast Studio

In times of crisis, communication is key. UNICOM Government's Broadcast Studio solution provides cities and counties with transparency in government sessions and a method to communicate with constituents during emergency and non-emergency situations. Our team assists with all aspects of the process including guidance on design, fabrication, funding, grant writing, installation, and training. We even offer a managed service option, for localities that would like this offering managed remotely.

UNICOM Government understands the complexity of funding models and how local franchise agreements affect municipal broadcast technology. In fact, UNICOM Government's success is due to a unique understanding of Federal and State legislation which governs planning, initiation, execution and support of services provided by public, educational, and governmental (PEG) access programming.

UNICOM Government's engineering knowledge coupled with installation experience provides the freedom to create and the ability to outperform competitors. General engagements follow the following steps:

  • Provide engineering and technical labor for system design documentation, installation, testing, launch and warranty
  • Purchase and inventory all project equipment
  • Deliver all project equipment to the job site
  • Install racks and consoles and mount all equipment according to system design
  • Wire all project equipment per system documentation
  • Schedule all manufacturer provided equipment commissioning
  • Test all installed systems and correct any installation mistakes
  • Provide overall system orientation to end user, support during system launch and ongoing contract warranty

How do I place an order with UNICOM Government?
To place an order: Call Toll Free: (800) 681-2378 Fax: (703) 222-5212 E-mail: USCommunities@unicomgov.com  

UNICOM Government posts a FAQ document as part of U.S. Communities IT Services and Solutions offering and can be found via the following link: UNICOM Government website.


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